Hospital Child Abuse: DAs and AGs should end it immediately

  • by: Todd Gastaldo, DC
  • recipient: DAs and AGs who should be ending hospital child abuse immediately



Please sign this petition and pass this suspected (mass) child abuse report on to law enforcement in your area (many state attorney generals and county DAs give their emails on the web...

1) BIRTH-CANAL-CLOSING/SPINAL MANIPULATION:  MD-obstetricians are allowed to
close birth canals up to 30% (medical
euphemism: semisitting and dorsal lithotomy delivery).  MD-obstetricians
KEEP women
semisitting and dorsal - keep birth canals closed the "extra" up to 30% when
babies get stuck as they pull with forceps and vacuums - sometimes pulling
so hard they actually rip spinal nerves out of tiny spinal cords. (An
estimated 1 in 10 deliveries are birth-canal-closed/vaccum/forceps

For the simple birth-canal-closing biomechanics of semisitting and dorsal
delivery, go to:, scroll down to my 1992 letter
to the journal Birth and click on the link.

2) BABY-STRANGULATION/BABY-BLOOD-ROBBERY:  MD-obstetricians are allowed to
temporarily strangulate babies and rob
them of up to 50% of their blood volume (medical euphemism: immediate cord

For information about mass baby strangulation/mass baby-blood-robbery by
MD-obstetricians, go to the website of retired
obstetrician George Malcolm Morley,
MB ChB FACOG. (According to Dr. Morley's website, amputation of up to 50% of
baby blood volume occurs in most
cesarean deliveries and in most "cord blood banking" births.)


 >>>>'BEGIN excerpt of Obstetrics is cruelty and degradation


The birth-canal-closing/spinal manipulation mentioned above is often accompanied by
"GENEROUS" slicing of the vagina so that the MD-obstetrician can appear to
be doing everything possible to open the birth canal - even as the
MD-obstetrician closes the birth canal up to 30% (keeps the woman
semisitting or dorsal).

Two attorney authors in Operative Obstetrics - James
J.Nocon and Les Weisbrod (Nocon is an MD obstetric specialist) say:

"Make a big episiotomy. Although there is no evidence that it does
anything other than enhance the ability to insert one's hand in the
vagina, it will indicate that the operator is functioning in a logical
and systematic manner..."^^^

^^^Nocon and Weisbrod. In O'Grady. Operative Obstetrics. Williams and
Wilkins 1995:349.

There is nothing "logical and systematic" about MD-obstetricians keeping the
birth canal closed up to 30% then slicing the vagina to make it appear that
everything possible is being done to open the birth canal.

[This mass sexual assault is occurring so OBs can look good in front
of juries if they are ever sued!]


> ...Obviously, women do not want
> people touching/slicing their vaginas in such
> an unprofessional, unwarranted and inappropriate manner.
> According to the National Center for Victims of Crime,
> "...examples of sexual assault include..Someone object in
> or on your vagina...when you don't want them to...A doctor, nurse, or
> other
> health care professional giving you an unnecessary internal examination or
> touching your sexual organs in an unprofessional, unwarranted and
> inappropriate
> manner."
> Of course, MD-obstetricians are also slicing ABDOMENS
> (c-section) -
> surgically/fraudulently inferring they have done everything possible to
> allow the birth canal to open maximally - even as they close birth canals
> up
> to 30%.

> The mass vagina slicing is free - MDs don't charge for it.
> It started with a hoax: MDs used to say that by slicing the vagina they
> were preventing severe tears clear to the anus...
> But Shiono et al at NIH demonstrated that sliced vaginas are fifty times
> MORE likely to rip clear to the anus (severe perineal tearing) than
> vaginas
> that are not sliced.
> IT'S NOT REALLY FREE: Severe perineal tearing complications of vagina
> slicing send women back
> to the hospital:
> "The most common diagnosis for hospitalization among all women is
> trauma to perineum due to childbirth."
> MD-obstetricians indirectly ADMIT ON VIDEO that they are routinely closing
> birth canals up to 30%....
> (ACOG's Shoulder Dystocia - ordering info below - purportedly demonstrates
> how to allow the birth canal to open maximally when shoulders get stuck -
> which is the indirect admission that OBs are routinely closing birth
> canals
> the "extra" up to 30%.)
[As indicated above...]
> In an estimated one in 10 births, forceps or vacuums are used - with the
> birth canal senselessly KEPT closed the "extra" up to 30%.
> Some babies die - some babies get paralyzed - most "only" suffer gruesome
> spinal manipulation.
> ALL spinal manipulation with the birth canal closed the "extra" up to 30%
> is
> gruesome.
> MD LIES: MD-obstetrician experts have been lying to cover-up.
> For the Four OB Lies (they are whoppers)...
> See Dents in babies' skulls"
> Alternate URL:
> ACOG's indirect video admission that obstetricians are routinely
> closing birth canals the "extra" up to 30% may be ordered on the web:
> Shoulder Dystocia Drill
> Description
> William Young, MD
> Time: 18 minutes/1995 (Reviewed 2001)
> Item #AVL103
> Price: $85
> ACOG members: $55
> In 2000, the 1995 ACOG shoulder dystocia video mentioned above was
> ruled exempt from the hearsay rule - admissible in court - in Costantino
> v.
> Herzog...
> See James Nocon, MD, JD (Also: Dateline NBC: Marsden Wagner, MD
> v. ACOG (Sunday, Sept. 16)
> All birth trauma attorneys should be presenting this information to
> juries in cases where a baby sustained trauma with the mother semisitting
> or
> dorsal.
> If anyone knows of a birth trauma attorney presenting this information
> to a jury - please contact me.
> Steve Harris, MD arrogantly boasts:
> "Without enforcement, there is no law. Without law, there is no crime.
> These are elementary principles. Get an adult to explain them to you."
> 28866f3384801ae9

Again, please sign this petition and pass this suspected (mass) child abuse report on to law enforcement in your area (many state attorney generals and county DAs give their emails on the web...
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