Icarly a sick show

  • by: lizzy
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Icarly is the stupiest show on the world!!!!!!!!They laugh at everything, thats not even funny.It's SOOOOO inanaporiate for young kids!!It doesn't make sense, especially sam & spencer!!I think miranda crosgrove was muchhhh better in drake and josh!!I don't know what happened to freddy voice but, i mean i hate the show but i would like it  a smidge better if his voice didn't change!Why does carly have a iphone shes only like 15, come on nickoleoden!!i'D RATHER BE WATCHING JON AND KATE 8!!tHE BEST SHOW EVA!!If you are not sick like the people who made & watch icarly you will sign my petition!!!Please sign and by the way DO NOT sign the cancel  jon and kate 8!!

I would just like to say something to every fan(parent of a fan) indivdually!.

Maggie Stahr said.........

I disagree with everyone who hates this show. I love this show. I know there are lots of people out there who love this show as much as I do. I think that this show is funny.

lizzy says to Maggie.....
I know that you are a Pre-K teacher because you said this in my other petition anyways are smoking something because that show is not funny and considering your age i would think that you would hate it.

4:03 pm PST, Jan 21, Name not displayed, Pennsylvania  Delete Signature Delete
What's wrong with you people?...they LAUGH too much??? Ohhhhh, that's terrible! Nick finally gives something for teenagers to laugh about. And, it's not any different than Drake and Josh for your info., the only difference is that they are girls instead of boys! Lizzy, I think you are only a teenager as well, or think like one! Why does a 15 yr. old have an iphone??????? What CAVE have YOU been living in??

lizzy says.........
I don't want to watch something were they are laughing all the time about something that is not funny.Icalry is much diffrent than drake and josh?hello icarly is about a girl who has a webshow, drake and josh are about brothers!duh!And i don't know anyone who has an iphone i know people who have itouches but no iphones, cell phones but no iphones!

# 12: 8:35 pm PST, Feb 9, J. Andrade, California  Delete Signature Delete
First, let me say that I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH "Lizzy" in her assessment of "iCarly". "iCarly" is one of the best shows on Nick. As a parent I make sure that the shows my children are watching are shows that have positive messages for kids & that the characters show good moral values. The characters on "iCarly" are all good kids. Spencer may be a little 'over the top', but anyone with half a brain can see that the whole point is that he's SUPPOSED to be a big goofball! It's called comedy! Of course the characters laugh at everything--they're KIDS! That's what kids do! Another thing, Lizzy's posting doesn't even make sense! Lizzy states that the show is inappropriate for kids--but she fails to give any examples to support her statement. Lizzy also states that the show (more specifically Freddie & Sam) doesn't make sense-yet she fails to give any examples of that too, so we have no idea what Lizzy means or what she's talking about. Basically Lizzy's post is just her going off on a little tanget, because for some reason she doesn't like "iCarly". But yet, Lizzy cannot come up with any intelligent reasons as to WHY she feels the show should be cancelled. And as for Lizzy's claim that "iCarly" is 'sick'--she definitely doesn't even mention WHY she feels they're 'sick'. Come on Lizzy--if you're going to TRY to have a show cancelled, then at least have some good, intelligent points to back up the craziness that's coming out of your mouth! And lastly, if you don't like "iCarly", then just change the channel!

lizzy says...........
i totally disagree with "J. Anrade"Icarly is the worst show on nick!they may have positive aditides but you should see there values in the first epiosde carly and sam are making fun of there teachers boobs,another episode a kid gets on the table with his shirt off and starts dancing, and in one episode they are talking about kissing people and then at the end freddy and sam kiss!yeah i want my kind watching that!I t wouldn't be a problem  about them laughing a lot but they just laugh at stupid things like sam is like"i like ham" haha very funny(not)!And i do change the channels but sometimes you have to end up watching it!

3:30 pm PST, Feb 14, Jersey V, New Jersey  Delete Signature Delete
ok, I've came across this just a few minutes ago, and I have this to say. After reading Lizzy's comments, I have decided my son is NOT allowed to watch Jon and Kate plus 8 EVER( not EVA as stated by Lizzy) Although I dont like some of the references on iCarly, I dont think it should be removed from T.V., thats insane! When did someone's dislike of characters on a sitcom become a platform for canceling a show? I think Lizzy has not matured enough to know that the world does NOT revolve around crazy teens trying to have a show canceled simply because they do not like the actors. As a parent it is my job to monitor what my son watches, and as opposed to making a big stink, and making myself look like a fool on the petition site, I will simply not let him watch it. Thats the great thing about TV, there is always something on one of the 400 channels we have, just push a button n poof, iCarly is gone....as as for the comment about Freddies voice changing, I dont think PUBERTY is a justafied cause for canceling a show either.....jeeze with some of these comments, make me think TV isn't the problem, it's child activity on the internet....Have a terrific Day!

lizzy says...........
You are cruel to your child!never letting the kid watch jon and kate plus 8!that is cruel and unusual!you are disgusting  i bet
u watched a little segment of it and then said"oh thats a good show"really no they are very inappriote they talk about inapproite stuff, and do the weirdest things!I think you are a child acting like a parent!you have an awesome day!

I would like to thank everyone who sign this especially the fans hahahahahaha!if your a fan and don't want it to get canceled then this is not the right petition for you!It's a opinion you can't change my mind!ha you fans make me laugh!

One again thanks for signing!

3:57 pm PST, Feb 20, Jamie lynn Spears, California  Delete Signature Delete
hey whats up lizzy, i think i saw that icarly show once and it was so lame! i mean like my show zoey101 is like so much better than that! like i know you lizzy would never like hate my show or any think. well i hope no one in the world hates my show. you know i would get so so mad if someone made a club at school with their friends that had to do with hating me. like what if they mad a handshake that they said "zoey101 hater." and what if they did all these hand motions a snapped their fingers and hit their foot with their hand in the hand shake. like i would me so mad!!!! because it is not nice to be eating the wrong stuff, wearing the wrong clothes, or having mean clubs. i hope you love my show, Jamie Lynn

Lizzy says......im sorry jamie!
P.S i don't know amy and nick there stakkers!!
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