• by: Ashley Stanitsas
  • recipient: IWC, President Obama, the Australian Government and the European Union
Japan, Norway and Iceland are the trio who continue to illegally slaughter whales under the guise of "research".

Where are the research studies? Since over 25,000 whales have died since a moratorium was put in place in 1986, you would think they would have something significant to introduce to the scientific community. No. Something that would justify all these horrific killings? No.
What are they studying so intently that 1000's of whales die each year? The answer is they are abusing this loophole in the moratorium, so that they may continue to slaughter whales for profit and consumption.

It is up to us to make our voices heard to our leaders that enough is enough. Enforce the sanctions. Impose the Pelly Amendment. We are tired of standing idly by as these countries ignore international law and laugh in our faces. It's time that they are held accountable for their actions. No more behind-closed-doors attempts at compromise. In what other aspect of life does the lawbreaker get to make the law? You don't fix illegal activity with condoning it.

And finally, no more intimidation from these countries. They have much more to lose than us. Let our voices be heard! Thank you.
Since the enactment of the 1986 moratorium of a banning on all commercial whaling, Japan, Norway and Iceland have collectively killed over 25,000 whales all under the guise of research. These countries have abused this loophole to continue their commercial whaling, regardless of international law.
And they have never been held accountable for their actions. It is very well known that the notion of lethal whaling for the purpose of research is a farce.

Where are the research studies?
What are they studying so intently that thousands of whales die each year?
What can we possibly learn from a dead whale that we cannot learn from a living one?

These are all valid questions that burn in the minds and hearts of people who are sick and tired of these countries blatantly breaking international law, and laughing in our faces as they do it. Now the Japanese are going as far as to say that they are going to hunt endangered species. And on top of it all, they have been doing their whaling in the Antarctic sanctuary. Where are the sanctions?

These cetaceans are beautiful, intelligent creatures who are vital to our ecosystems and inevitably, to the human race. They do not deserve to be shot by merciless men wielding harpoons, where they die a slow, painful death.

Please enforce sanctions upon Japan, Norway and Iceland. We need to put an end to whaling now.  We need to hold Japan, Norway and Iceland responsible. There are mountains of evidence proving that they continue to engage in whaling for profit and consumption. We cannot allow Japan, in particular, to continue to threaten our international relationships. They have much more to lose than us. They need to abide by the law. It is what the people worldwide want! Please hear our voices. We are fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. Thank you.
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