Increasing ,NOT Decreasing workers benefits, benefits all

HR2309 is a direct attack on  postal workers, injured federal workers, and mail service to the public. A petition to vote NO on HR2309 will send a clear message to those Members of Congress that lowering benefits and pay to postal workers, or to other workers as well as lowering current service standards of the Postal Service is unacceptable.      HR2309 would decrease the current income for an estimated 2000 postal workers over 65 even though the compensation these workers receive is paid by the Post Office. Kicked off of Compensation of 3/4 for one dependent and 2/3 for none based on the rate of pay at the time of injury, they would be placed on retirement at1/2 of their pay at the time of injury.They've not only lost years of wage increases and a better retirement package based on a higher rate of pay and years of service but took at least a 25% pay cut when injured on the job.     HR2309, by eliminating federal worker's compensation for older workers would give heart to those in Congress to limit compensation at a even lower age.Some workers are injured for life which eliminates the possibility of working as before so shouldn't compensation not end until the effects of the injury ends?       HR2309 would allow the Postal Service to establish and administer it's own health insurance program. With the right to set it's own fees and what is covered postal employees would be put at a severe disadvantage. The option to choose which health insurance they want to sign up with would be gone.       HR2309 would allow the Post Office to establish and administer it's own injury worker's compensation program which would give the Post Office control on  if an injury was work related and what compensation would be paid. Worker's Compensation for postal workers would no longer be administered by a separate government agency.         HR2309 would establish two new administrations within the postal service which could set aside union contracts if deemed that wages would interfere with their financial goals. That the Post Office estimates  80% of it's revenue is spent on workers' benefits and pay.  still that leaves 20% to spend on other expenses when revenue should equal expenses. This would gut the unions using the excuse that the post office is in financial trouble when the trouble was caused by the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act passed in 2006 that required the Postal Service to fund 75 years of retiree health benefits in 10 years.        HR2309 would allow closure of over 200 Processing Mail Centers, closure of smaller Post Offices, block boxes in place of home deliveries, and Saturday Service ended within two years.Mail service would take longer and make it harder to receive and send mail and packages. Mailing letters and packages currently costs less through the Postal Service than Fed-Ex and UPS.This would certainly change if the goal was to make a profit rather than have expenses equal income.        HR2309 promotes everything that  is in opposition to a "living wage" for workers, just compensation for those injured by federal employment,and service to the public at cost.         Oh, and I almost forgot. 100,000 to 200,000 employees will no longer be working in the Postal Service adding to the number of workers who have less income whether or not an early out is offered.           HR2309 needs to be defeated.  
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