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This is a story about a 6 month old German Shepard-mix named KARLEY.

Karley was not my fur baby but as soon as I heard her story, I KNEW I HAD to do something to help not only her family but to help get justice for Karley.  Her family, the Toole's, are having such a hard time with what happened.  Karley WAS THE VICTIM of this horrible attack.  Glynn Johnson is NOT the victim. 

On Nov 3rd., 2008, Karley got out of HER yard.(speculation is that the susp. MAY have let her out of her yard)  Karley went directly to a neighbors yard.  This neighbor started to walk Karley back to her residence when the susp., GLYNN JOHNSON, an ASSISTANT CHIEF with the LA COUNTY FIRE DEPT. intercepted the neighbor & said that he would take Karley back home.  The original neighbor, who later said that he didn't have a good feeling about doing this, agreed to let Johnson take her home.  It was in a matter of SECONDS, that Johnson started beating Karley with his CLOSED FISTS.  When the original neighbor saw this, he ran down his driveway to Johnsons yard to stop the beating.  Before he could get there, Johnson was witnessed PRYING Karley's mouth open.  By doing this, he BROKE her jaw.  He then grabbed a LARGE ROCK & started beating Karley over the head with it.  The neighbor was able to distract Johnson long enough for Karley to STUMBLE away & fall into a bush. Karley had the WILL to live but her injuries were BEYOND repairable.  Karley was rushed to the ER where her parents were given the sad news.  Karley needed to be released from her pain & make her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. She had a crushed skull, broken jaw, swelling of the brain & more. 

The suspect later went to the hospital, CLAIMING that he was ATTACKED by Karley.  He had bite wounds to his thumb.  Of course he had bite wounds...HE PLACED HIS HANDS IN HER MOUTH.  AND SHE WANTED THEM OUT!!!  She was trying to PROTECT HERSELF.  This poor baby was wanting him to STOP beating her.   He later called his supervisor to tell him what had taken place...that he HAD to kill his neighbors dog because he had been attacked.  I WANT TO EMPHASIZE THIS....KARLEY DID NOT BITE HIM FIRST.  I would bite him too if he had his hands in my mouth trying to break my jaw!!!  AND...according to reports, Johnson admitted that Karley went on her back...that is NOT attack mode...that is SUBMISSION ROLLOVER!!!

Can you imagine what this poor pup was thinking?  She was thinking..."WHAT DID I DO TO THIS PERSON "?..."DID I POTTY ON HIS LAWN"?... "DID I BARK AT HIM"?... "DID I NOT WANT HIM TO PET ME"?..."WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME"?..."WHY ISN'T HE STOPPING"?..."WHEN WILL HE STOP BEATING ME"?  Was Karley afraid? ABSOLUTELY!!!  Did she feel alone? YOU CAN GUARANTEE IT!!! 

How could ANYONE look into those beautiful eyes of Karley's & want to kill her?  

We are asking for signatures in order to get this suspect charged with the BRUTAL killing of his neighbors dog, Karley.  In the state of California, where this brutal murder took place, IT IS A FELONY to injure, mame or kill ANY animal.  We are DEMANDING this person be charged with FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY.
We are also asking that you write to the Riverside District Attorney.  Here's that information:  ROD PACHECO,  Riverside County DA...4075 Main St....Riverside, Ca.  92501...phone...951-955-5400 OR 951-955-5431. 

There is another website for Karley...justice4Karley.com  This site was created by Karley's owners, Jeffery & Shelley Toole.  
Please do what you can to help.  And PLEASE, PASS THIS PETITION ON TO YOUR FRIENDS.  We need all the signatures we can get.

On behalf of KARLEY, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Karley may be gone, but she WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.   And Karley would want us to make sure that this NEVER happens to another fur baby.  We HAVE to let people know that ANIMAL ABUSE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.  NEVER, EVER!! 


On behalf of the Toole Family & their precious Karley, I want to thank each & every person who has taken the time to read Karley's story & sign the petition.  With your signatures & help, there WILL be JUSTICE 4 KARLEY.   There HAS to be.

I would like to point out that MANY members of the LA COUNTY FIRE DEPT. have stepped up & helped the Toole family.  They took care of the donation site.  And MANY of them have NOT had good things to say about Glynn Johnson.  There are so many GOOD men & women within ALL Fire Depts.  Glynn Johnson has given the LA County FD a blackeye.  He has disgraced his Dept.  The men & women of this Dept. put their lives on the line for us when needed & we much thank them for that.  What Johnson did, is NOT their fault.  He did this on his own.  He laid in wait & ambushed Karley.  And this is NOT the first time he has injured a neighbors pet.  He HAS to be stopped.

Thank you,

Paula Pfeifle....justice-4-Karley
KARLEYS LAW...we WANT the word "PROPERTY" removed & the word "COMPANION" put in.  They are not property...they are our companions.  Let's get that passed not just for Karley but for ALL fur babies. Also in this law, we would like to have stiffer penalties for PEOPLE IN POWER who abuse animals.

***Today, Tuesday Dec 16th...at 4pm California time, Johnson was arrested & charged with FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY.  This is ONLY hurdle #1 but we did make the jump & we are now moving on to hurdle #2.  This petition will NOT be shut down until Johnson is held accountable for his actions.  A simple slap on the wrist will NOT be enough.  Let's keep the fight going.  I really want to see that a LAW is passed in Karley's name so that NO other animal endures what Karley endured.  Karley will be able to save the lives of others.

***Today, Monday Dec. 22nd. 2008...Glynn Johnson held a news conference at the office of his Attorney.  Here is his statement..." On Nov, 3rd, Karley got loose on HIS property. When he was returning Karley to her owners, she "TURNED ON HIM".  I was SEVERLY bit on the LEG, ARM & HAND. She then CLAMPED onto my hand...that's when I HAD TO DEFEND MYSELF".  This incident, according to Johnson, has RUINED his character...he is being characterized as a PUPPY KILLER. He made the comment that he LOVES animals...has had several dogs & raises Arabian horses & loves to ride.

He is being charged with Felony Animal Abuse, Use of a deadly weapon(the 12lb rock that he used to beat in her skull).

We MUST keep this petition going.  He HAS to be held accountable for his deadly actions.  This can NOT be swept under the carpet.

02.11.2009...Johnson has counter sued the Toole's. He is claiming that he has PERMANENT NERVE DAMAGE to the thumb where Karley SUPPOSEDLY bit him. He also RETIRED with his FULL PENSION 2 weeks ago. There is NO way this should have happened. We, the TAXPAYERS, will continue to pay him for what he did to this precious pup. And our Gov. wonders why the state of California has NO money.

We the undersigned are writing to you on behalf of a small German Shepard named KARLEY.  Karley was only 6 months old when she was brutally murdered by her neighbor.  This man has NOT been charged with anything as of this date.  I am also writing to you on behalf of MANY people from all over the world who know about this case & are appalled at the fact that no charges have been filed as of yet.  This case is sitting on the desk of the Riverside, Ca. District Attorney. 

Let me tell you a little bit about Karley.  As I said, she was 6 months old.  She got out of her yard & wandered to the yard of another neighbor.  This neighbor was on his way back to Karley's residence WITH Karley when he was approached by the suspect, GLYNN JOHNSON.  I would like to add that Johnson is an ASSISTANT FIRE CHIEF with the LA COUNTY FIRE DEPT.  Johnson advised the neighbor that he would take Karley back to her home.  The original neighbor didn't have a good feeling about this but he allowed Johnson to take Karley.  It was at this time that Johnson started BEATING Karley with his CLOSED FISTS.  The original neighbor witnessed what was taking place.  He ran down his driveway & to the yard of Johnson to try to get him to stop beating this puppy.  Before he could get there, Johnson started to PRY Karley's mouth open.  And then, he started BEATING her with a LARGE ROCK.  The other neighbor was able to distract Johnson long enough for Karley to make her escape & hide under a bush. 

Karley was taken to her vet where the owners, Jeff & Shelley Toole, were told that Karley's injuries were so severe that Karley had to be put down.  Karley had swelling to the brain, a crushed skull, a broken jaw & other injuries. 

Meanwhile, Johnson went to the hospital with a dog bite to his thumb.  He is CLAIMING being attacked by Karley.  He phoned his supervisor at the FD & advised this person that he had killed his neighbors dog because she attacked him.

To this date, Johnson has NOT been charged with this brutal murder.  He is on PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE & REFUSES to cooperate with the local Sheriff's Dept. 

The last I heard, Police Officers & Fire Dept. personnel are here to SAVE lives....NOT take them.  What this man did to this puppy is unacceptable.  He has been coddled long enough by his employer.  It's time charges are filed & this man is placed behind bars.

Animals can NOT speak for themselves but you & I CAN, along with the rest of the world.  So let us FEEL their SILENT cry of agony & let us HELP that cry to be heard.  There are MANY who had heard KARLEY's cries.  Many people have been made aware of this brutal murder & they are EXPECTING JUSTICE TO BE SERVED.  We are DEMANDING that justice be served.  We will NOT accept this issue being swept UNDER the carpet. 

Would you want GLYNN JOHNSON coming into your home under the disguise of saving your family & pets & have him beat either a family mamber or a pet?  I know I wouldn't. 

We are hoping that YOU WILL exercise your leadership the best way you can to address this failing of the law & prevent further harm.

I trust that you remember MARTIN LUTHER KING's words.  "There comes a time when we MUST take a position that is neither safe, nor political, nor popular, but we MUST take it because our conscience tells us that it is right."

So PLEASE, we are asking for your help.  And I thank you very much for taking the time to read this letter.

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