Justice 4 Jack...shot by Blue Ash, Ohio Police Officer

  • by: Paula Pfeifle
  • recipient: Chief of Police... Blue Ash, Ohio Police Dept.
This is a case of over-kill by a Police Officer with the Blus Ash Police Dept. 

Here is Jack's story:

A Blue Ash, Ohio family is OUTRAGED after returning home to find their family dog had been SHOT & KILLED by a police officer.

The dog, Jack, was a Chihuahua/mix that Scott & Sharon Bullock had given to their 12yr old son for his birthday a few years ago.

When the Bullocks returned home from a family member's funeral on Friday, June 5th, they found blood & THREE bullets on their front porch...along with a NOTE to call the Blue Ash Police Dept. about their dog.
The Bullocks were shocked to learn that Jack had gotten out of the backyard & two officers who TRIED to catch him, ended up SHOOTING & KILLING him right on the family's front porch.

I am inserting what I have heard about this case...it's my understanding that these officers had CHASED this poor dog for 30 mins aroung the property of the Bullocks.  By doing this, all they did was agitate this dog.  And then they corner him on HIS front porch.  And they wonder why this dog bit the one officer?

Back to Jack's story...Sharon Bullock stated "Jack was cornered on the front porch & scared." "The officer bent down bare-handed to pick up Jack & Jack bit him."

Sharon said "my 5yr old cried himself to sleep the night before last, wanting the dog."  "He barks for him." "My son would bark for Jack & Jack would always come to him."

The Bullocks have told their sons that Jack ran away.

The Bullocks admit they were at fault for leaving Jack outside & are sorry that the officer was bitten, but they say their dog was NOT a vicious animal & had never bitten anyone before.

They are wondering WHY the officers didn't call the SPCA to catch their dog.

"They didn't make that phone call other than to scoop the dog off the front porch AFTER they shot him." "Two GROWN men that can't gather up a 5lb dog...& they're trained police officers...sounds ridiculous to me" said Scott Bullock.

The officer later told the Bullocks that he was FOLLOWING procedure.

Lt. PAUL HARTINGER stated..."the officer FEARED for his life & had to do what was needed to protect himself.

While the officers were trying to gain control of Jack, they TASED the dog WHILE THE OFFICER WAS HOLDING HIM, but that didn't work, so they HAD to shoot the animal.  Jack was shot 3 times with a 9MM.  A 5lb dog, shot 3 times with a 9MM.  And tased.

The officer was was bit 17 times on one hand & 9 on the other hand.

According to Police officials, these officers handled the situation according to department policies.

End of Jack's story.

To this date, no one has heard the names of these officers.  This shooting should be made public & the citizens of Blue Ash really need to be concerned that they have this kind of officer patrolling their streets.

This shooting was NOT justifiable, no matter what that Dept. says. 

These officers need to be trained on how to control animals of ALL kinds.  Would they have chased a child around the yard for 30 mins? Would they have shot a child if that child had bit them? Would they have left a note on the door?

These officers had NO business shooting in this incident.  They didn't know if a child would walk out the front door at that time.  Or around the corner of the house. 

Please write letters & make phone calls to get answers & justice for this family's dog.

4343 Cooper Rd.
Blue Ash, Ohio

I would also like to add that the Police Dept. has ISSUED the Bullocks with numerous citations regarding the dog being loose. 

These officers should be CHARGED with FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY.

To the Bullock family...I am so sorry that your children are having to go through this.  Please make sure you follow up on this case.  You DO have a case if you choose to pursue this.
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