Karma Prayer To Stop Animal Cruelty

  • by: Cat Jones
  • recipient: This Petition Is For All Those Who Want Karma For Those Who Abuse Animals

Light a candle

Dear Mother & Father God
Dear Universe

My prayer today is for all those people who find pleasure and monetary gain in the exploitation and killing of animals, work in any animal industry, fishing industry, fur industry, dairy industry, pork industry, egg industry, and/or perpetuate the killing, torture, enslavement, vivisection, starving, suffering, any kind of cruelty of any sort towards animals or perpetuates suffering  without remorse or care in their attitude and behavior towards animals.  You will be referred to as animal abusers.

My karma prayer asks that all animal abusers dream, each and every night, of all the animals they killed or caused suffering to without remorse, may they feel the pain, terror, experience their suffering  and despair of each and every creature they hurt in any way, all at the same time, experiencing their horror, and may they never awake from this dream until morning, remembering this dream, to only repeat this dream of horrors each and every night, until they have that enlightening moment of clarity and change their attitude, their ways and behavior towards animals for the betterment of ALL animals on this planet.

 ALL  animals have a right to live with respect, dignity and freedom.

May this endeavor awaken those who are the animal  abusers and change their ways; find empathy and love for all life and end the abuse they cause directly or indirectly to animals, man and the Gaia.

Let it be so.

My intent is to create a collective energy on this planet to stop the insanity of murdering and torturing animals around the world.  Billions and Billions of animals die at the hands of man in a years time.  The way animals die is more horrible than I can express.  The videos I've witnessed, the uncaring, the cruelty, the apathy, the selfishness, the greed, the ignorance, the hate, the evil and the perpetuation thereof.. 

For those who think the old testament law, "An eye for an eye" is a valid belief fails to see the ugly  behind this law.  It doesn't serve anything towards a peaceful solution to the worlds problems, it only perpetuates hate and ugly on the planet  

Gandhi was very insightful and wise  when he said,  "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"  An eye of an eye is the reality we live in now, the mass majority of the  world is blind.

Animals are gifts, not ours to treat with suffering, torture, vivisection, exploitation, slavery, any form of cruelty, to steal their quality of life and  life force away from them.  Being human should grant us the privilege and responsibility to care for the animals with dignity, respect, honor, love and freedom.  Instead, we allow dogs and cats to breed, and then kill them for being alive.  To kill for many is much easier than using their heads to seek better avenues for perceived issues. 

We, as a society,  murder billions of chickens, dogs, cats, turkeys,  cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, etc. to eat, to use as we see fit without any concern for the welfare, pain and suffering of these gifts, all in the name of 'industry', ., . . 'money'.  Animals are treated like machines, they are not.  They are sentient beings totally understanding and detesting their suffering, their pain, their torture, their sad sad miserable lives,  and then their heinous deaths. 

I want this to stop along with many many other people.  I hear people crying for karma, when will karma happen?  Well maybe, if you truly believe in karma, you need to ask more than just for karma.  You need to express what you really wish for, specifically within the karma defintion, to the universe, to Mother and Father God, with clarity and direction.  Asking for just karma alone has no direction, it isn't enough.

I want all to copy and paste this exert, or bookmark it on your computer.  If this karma prayer works for you, awesome.  If you have one of your own in mind, create your own.  Find a mirror or maybe a group of people and every day read this prayer.  With imaginative imagery, the mirror and your imagination can create another person with your reflection.  Look into the mirror as you recite your karma prayer.

Share this prayer, say it often to the universe.  It is my way of creating karma with direction, to end the torture and sad existence of animals  I pray you make it yours, to end animal abuse, forever..

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