7/31/07 UPADATE: FRANK GARDUNO DIED TODAY go to for details.

7/13/07 UPDATE: Please go to for the latest case update, it makes me very sad and sickens me, the games that are going on in the court, but we, as a family, are all doing better. The sadness is still very present, but our thoughts are more of Mimi when she was alive, rather than of Mimi and how she died. This whole experience has been one of learning and has made me look deep into myself and at my family and the priorities  in our lives. We need to move. It is a process and I wish I could blink and be gone. The children still are very traumatized and although they sleep in the bedroom with us now, they are very disturbed. "is the guy home mom, the one that killed Mimi?", or I hear them running into the back room and I follow them to see what is happening, they are hiding and they say "we just saw the guy"... The children are so done in by this ordeal, that is the hardest part, missing Mimi everyday and the fear that is now in their daily lives. The system is doing it's thing and I am stepping back and allowing the process to move forward without being so visable. I am done with this man, he is playing games with us, with the court system and unfortuenately the courts seem to be ready to play, maybe it has too, I don't know, and so this thing will go on and on... but our family doees not have to play and we are preparing to move asap to save the children  from the exposure of seeing this guy's house everyday, seeing him coming and going; I watched his little dogs come in and out the unfenced front yard, playing, peeing and barking, it not fair that Garduno get's to snuggle at night with his little furry friends and ours is dead and gone. Thank you all again for all of your ongoing love and support, words of wisdom and caring. There are so, so many good people in the world. I did not know and you have all made such a difference with your support and your comments. We read them, everyone reads them and is amazed by the out pour and it is a force of its own, this petition. it is wonderful and we are grateful. Please do not stop,we love to hear from you all and will present this petition when the time is right. Thank you to the Novato Police Department and the local Humane Society, the Victim Witness Therapists and the DA's office for your hard work and dilegent attention in this matter. B
7/5/07 UPDATE: Go to for case update. Read Garduno's statements.  I need say no more. Please keep passing petition on. Thank you.

6/30/07 UPDATE: On Friday (6/29), I spent the day in court, morning and afternoon. Garduno is pleading "not guilty" to the charge that he is in contempt of the protection/restraining order.  This hearing for the restraining order violation has been continued to next week, Thursday. So we have a good few days of peace, which will be great for the kid's and I to catch up on rest and getting our routines back. I participated in a "Grief Workshop" today and it was really interesting and helpful. I came a way with some cooping/healing "tools" to share with my children and family. Thank you all for your continued prayers, you probably noticed I upped the amount of the signature goal. I figure the more we can get before the trial the better, so please keep putting this out when you have a moment. God Bless! Barb

6/28/07 UPDATE: On Monday 6/25, Garduno's bail was reduced from $100,000.00  to $50,000.00. I broke down in court, emotional outburst, thank God the Judge did not put me in jail for contempt. I feel she get's how intense this is for us. Garduno got out Tuesday night and on Wednesday night he violated the protection/restraining order and was arrested again. Tonight he is still in jail. Next hearing is July 11, 2007 Preliminary.

I want to thankyou all for the continued support, words of advice and prayers. I wish I could answer each and everyone of you, but I do not know how! Anyway, thank you, thank you and as I have said before your support is the "healing force in our home.

6/25/07 UPDATE: Well, the Judge reduced Frank Garduno's bail today to $75,000. He HAS a lawyer now. I had an emotional breakdown in the courtroom and the Judge was understanding enough not to yell at me to be quite or to leave the room. I told them all that my kid's are urinating on themselves at night now, day and night dreams of this guy coming into our home and stabbing and killing them and the animals. Each child has a different dream with the same outcome, death to themselves and the animals. The sherriff's were kind enough to carry/help me out of the courtroom, hyperventalating and shaking, in a full panic attack. I can feel that everyone is sympathetic to what I am going through. Captain Cindy Machado from the Marin Humane Society was there with her words of wisdom, as well as others who showed up in support of Justice for Mimi and our family.  I feel close to having a nervous breakdown. Please God give us the strength to deal with this ongoing nightmare. Please keep encouraging everyone you know far and wide to sign this petition. Maybe one day we can get the laws changed when it comes to animal abuse. My dog died from torture and a slit throat. Is that not serious enough, his new lawyer said, this thing is getting so/to much attention, like it's a murder case and it is not...say what?.... Yes Sir, it most certainly it is. Thank you all for your continued support. B

This was one of my first vent's on craiglist, it tells the story of how our beloved little dog died: Our loving, young pet Mimi, a very small, chi was "allegedly" murdered by a man named Frank on Tuesday afternoon. Frank Garduno alledgedly took our little dog and slit her throat then threw her over his back fence. Thanks to the excellent, diligent work of the Novato Police Department, Frank was arrested and is in jail with an over $100,000 bail. This man allegedly took the life of our family member, a dog that gave nothing but love to all that she met. She made our family laugh everyday with her antics. Her best friend was Ty the big black Great Dane, who is now moping around the house looking for his little friend. When I found my dog with her throat cut, ants crawling on her body, blood coming out of her ears, my belief in human kindness died. A person capable of such an act, should be listed as a predator, just like sex offenders. Is any one safe anymore?  GIVE THIS MAN THE MAXIMUM SENTENCE FOR THIS CRIME.

We are devasted. We have two six year old children that had to be witness to one of the cruelist occurrences that could ever happen in anybody's life. What to do, how could he. I cried all night, reliving the thoughts of Mimi's last moments. Struggling for her life in the hands of this mad man, a three pound chi in the grasp of a six foot three monster, slicing her throat. IT'NOT FAIR, IT'S NOT FAIR, IT'S NOT FAIR... and his wife just looks at us in court, not an I'm sorry or an outreach of kind eyes. I want to move, I want justice for our little Mimi, and I want this guy to get the worst punishment possible. I had to spend my kid's last day's in Kindergarten crying, talking to police, sitting in court, praying to God for something good to come out of this bizarre tragedy.

A nice neighborhood, Kenwood Court, our little dream house only lived in for months now, tainted and filled with fear. What is he capable of next, restraining orders; we look out at this persons house from every window and door in our home. I knew he had the dog, he taunted me when my children and I asked if he had seen her. Anyone capable of comitting such a crime should be listed as a predator, just like sex offenders. Is any one safe anymore?

The Marin I.J., ( kind people, interviewed us today. Uncomfortable and blown away by this incident of neighborly rage. All over a broken mailbox. That was repaired by him before the alledged incident happened:

Contact with your support by signing this petition and any advice, letters for the judges, (case#SC153949, Judge Faye D'Opal, Superior Court of Marin County, District Attorneys Office, 3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903) or email: GIVE THIS ALLEGED MURDERER THE MAXIMUM SENTENCE.

Please do not reduce Frank Garduno's bail. He brought fear and saddness into our home. Emotional distress. Please, please iincrease the bail as the DA is requesting. Help us please to save safe for as long as we can.

Mimi's Family
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