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I have NOT given up on fighting for Justice for CAMMIE!!!  We are SO CLOSE to the 5,000 goal - please, sign and share .... let's finally get this DONE!!!

Thank you,

October 12th, 2011


NOTE:  This petition will be sent to both the LaGrange, MO Chief of Police and the Mayor of LaGrange, MO.  I will also circulate it to the media, both locally in MO, nationally and internationally.  It will also be sent to the American Humane Society who according to their website:  "has been protecting children and animals from cruelty, abuse and neglect for over 130 years"

"Animals are more than ever a test of our character, of mankind's capacity for empathy and for decent, honorable conduct and faithful stewardship. We are called to treat them with kindness, not because they have rights or power or some claim to equality, but in a sense because they don't; because they all stand unequal and powerless before us."

The picture only tells a tiny part of the story, but you can clearly see that this is not a vicious dog!!  This is Cammie, just 18 months old!  She is running AWAY not ATTACKING.  In all living creatures, the law of FIGHT or FLIGHT exists.  This dog has clearly chosen to flee.  If you have the stomach, watch this video ... but be forewarned, it is very disturbing!

You can find the video at or

The pup, a female American Bulldog, named Cammie (18 months old)was murdered on March 31st by Officer Doug Howell.  Officer Jason Powell was also on scene.  The video's circulating only show about 10 minutes of the 68 minute incident.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
- Mahatma Gandhi

6/20/2010:  I felt I should add this comment which was made on this petition earlier today:  "It breaks my heart to watch this video, but I believe that it is imperative in order to open the eyes of the public. This is not the first time Officer Howell has shot a dog, and I truly believe that it will not be the last. His actions were asinine and uncalled for. Poor Cammie lost her life and the owner had to pay for it. It hurts me to know that my tax dollars made this possible. I pray that he does not have pets of his own, for I am sure that they are miserable."

Please sign my petition to make sure that justice is served!!!

6/21/2010 - Great article to read which was just forwarded to me:

I have started a FaceBook Group Page, "JUSTICE FOR CAMMIE ... MURDERED AMERICAN BULLDOG R.I.P." and I invite you to join it:


Call and email the La Grange Police Department as well as their City Hall, their Mayor ... go national ... anyone you can think of!  Spread the word.

Police Department
204 Washington
LaGrange, MO 63448
Phone: 573-655-4611
Fax: 573-655-4528
CITY ATTORNEY 573*221-7333 pres #2

LaGrange Police Department:
Employees By Rank
-Mc Nelly, Dale          CHIEF
-Cibert, Don              Lt.
-Powell, Jason          Officer
-Howell, Doug           Officer
-Hydorn, Shawn        Officer
-Kirkpatrick, Rodger   Officer
-Kirtlink, Shane          Officer
-Kaylor, Jamie            Office Manager/Dispatcher

This defenseless dog did not deserve to die such a cruel, horrible death!!!!  The poor baby is scared of the catch pole!  I would be too!!

This is what my friend Kitty Novich, a fellow animal lover said about the video:  "There is no sound. Apparently, it looked like the police were there to confiscate the dog. They took the dog, on it's chain to their truck and attached it to the truck. The dog lies down with it's tail wagging. Then they got a catch pole. I have no idea why. This dog was completely docile!! They chased it around with the catch pole, mind you, IT WAS RESTRAINED TO THE TRUCK!! Unnecessary!! The dog panicked!! They finally got it around it's neck, then began to turn in circles with it. Completely untrained to handle this!! Then the young cop just pulls his gun and shoots it!! The poor dog just lies on the ground, tail still wagging, looking up at the cop. The cop then shoots her again, this time in the head, killing her. The cop then walks to the camera and SLAMS the gate to the truck closed."


It is ironic that the Police Department's own webcam captured this horrific, senseless killing of a dog that just needed some love.  Don't you think that if you are stupid enough to commit a heinous (outrageously evil is the dictionary def.) crime such as this, you would be very quick to destroy the evidence.  Maybe being backward had it's advantage after all ... the webcam doesn't take sides ... it just recorded the evidence.

Please, make the La Grange Police Department pay the price for their blatant abuse of power!

As mentioned earlier in this petition, I created a Facebook Group Page:  JUSTICE FOR CAMMIE ... MURDERED AMERICAN BULLDOG  R.I.P.  Please join and add your comments.


Case pending in LaGrange dog shooting by Rajah Maples Posted: 06.15.2010 at 9:40 AM
LPD remains tight-lipped

LAGRANGE, MO. -- There's been a lot of talk about a dog shooting that happened in LaGrange, Missouri.

In case you haven't heard, this video was captured on the LaGrange Police Department's dashboard cam. The entire video is more than 30 minutes long, but only about 10 minutes of it is posted on YouTube.

It shows an officer shooting an American bulldog at close range twice.

We would like to caution viewers about the explicit content of the YouTube video.

You can find the video at or

We've heard from several viewers demanding answers about this, so we spent the day getting as much information about it as possible.

The LaGrange Police Department and City Hall are tight-lipped about the matter. In fact, both refused to comment because of the upcoming trial of Marcus Mays.  He's the LaGrange resident who owned the dog.

Mays is due in court this Thursday on a municipal charge of keeping a vicious animal.

He plans to act as his own attorney.


New update online June 17th, 2010 regarding the owner who vows to fight for change:

An excerpt from that article:

"The officers were responding to a call from LaGrange resident Mary Coleman that the dog had acted threateningly toward her and her daughter as they walked to a school bus stop.
    "It was growling at my six-year-old,"Coleman testified.  "I wanted my kid to be safe and myself to be safe."
   Mays pointed out that the dog could not have been too angry because Coleman chained it at her home while Howell and Powell went to get special equipment used in handling animals.
   The video shows that at one point, the dog laid down on the street and remained motionless for a time."

"Powell described the dog as 'aggressive' and 'vicious'."

"Howell said that he felt the only option to protect the safety of neighbors was to shoot the dog.

   Howell fired one shot to the chest, which felled the animal. On the video, the dog can then be seen wagging its tail. Howell said he fired a shot to the head "because I didn't want the dog to suffer."




6/21/2010:  I have just received this FaceBook NOTE with information about City Hall's reaction.!/note.php?note_id=417893374216&id=100000548918008&ref=mf

Governor Matt Blunt, Senator Christopher Bond, Senator Claire McCaskill, The LaGrange MO District Attorney's Office and the Office of the Prosecutor,  The LaGrange Mayor's Office, The office of the Police Chief, the 9 elected MO State Representatives, and the A.S.P.C.A. and the American Humane Society.
We the undersigned, have read about this case in your state of Missouri.  We have seen the video which shows that Cammie was no threat at all.

We understand that no charges have been filed against either Officer Doug Howell, who shot Cammie twice, injuring her first, and then killing her, or against Officer Doug Powell who was present at the scene and did not prevent the shooting.

If the laws in the state of Missouri do not give sufficient power to the District Attorney or the Prosecutor's office to see that justice is served in a blatant act of animal cruelty, then we ask that use the power of your position in office to effect these changes.

You have been elected by the people, for the people.  And now we the people ask that you act immediately to effect legislative change to right this terrible injustice, and to prevent future incidents.

The world is watching America, and they are abhorred by the amount of animal abuse that is allowed to continue unchecked.  It is time for us all to step up to the plate and become the true voice for the voiceless.  We MUST protect the defenseless.  It is our duty.

We thank you in advance for hearing our plea and for being willing to act.

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