Label Toxic BPA in All Products

Bisphenol-A is a toxic plastic coating found inside aluminum canned products, inside some plastic bottles and on almost every receipt you have ever touched.

It's time to demand protection for ourselves and for children.

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a known endocrine disruptor, and can mimic and degrade your natural hormones. It causes neurological damage, has been linked to many types of cancers, is harmful to fetuses, children, teens and adults alike and is one of the most ingested chemicals in the modern world. BPA leaches from cans and bottles into your food or drink and the "free-form" BPA on receipts is absorbed through your skin or inhaled. Most people have measurable levels of plastic found in their blood stream as a result.

Baby food is often very acidic, and it leaches some of the highest amounts of BPA, along with other acidic consumables such as pops and tomatoes.

There are many, many more known health problems associated with this chemical. I will not list them all, it should be enough to know that it is true poison and that, in order to protect our children, family and friends, people MUST be made painfully aware of the risks associated with drinking this plastic substance. I think that if we label any toxic substance as such, we should label ALL toxic substances, despite what big corporations wish to keep secret.

Recently, Canada has become the first country to name Bisphenol-A (BPA) as a toxic substance, yet citizens continue to drink it, unaware of the many negative health consequences. BPA is FDA approved, but the FDA has an ever-growing track-record of disregard for human health.

While I think it would be unrealistic to ask that this substance be made illegal in Canada right away, I ask that this toxic substance be labeled on every single product that contains it. If the leaders of our country knows how harmful it is, why does it still want us to consume it? Parents need to know what they are feeding their children, and expectant parents need to know the dangers to developing fetuses that BPA poses.

It's time for change. Please sign this petition to show that you do not support the consumption of toxic plastic substances and ensure the safety of a new generation.

Also, please educate yourself on the dangers of BPA and spread your knowledge.
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