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This Is a petetion for a law for grandmothers to be able to step in and take the custody of their grandchildren in domestic violence homes. and make the law and the courts to consider and take into account the emotionall and mentally abuse of children due to domestic violence.

My Daughter Just Found  The Courage To Leave Her Husband After 8 Yrs Of Abuse In Which My Grandchildren Were a Witness To. The oldest was threatned To Be Kicked Out Of Kindergarden If They Did Not Put Him On Medcine. He Failed Kindergarden. He Has Behavioral Problems. I now know the reason behind his problems. We Did Not Know Untill a Few Weekd ago  about the beatings. We always knew he had a bad temper and would hit the wall and scream and hollow and cuss sometimes. but never what was rally going on. The kids were to afraid to tell, and were threatned with whippings if they told anyone. These children have been mentally and emotionally abused and scared for the rest of their lives. The law does not consider these facts in the court rooms.they put these children right back into the hands of these abusive men . And it has got to stop. I am writing to the president and the congresman and the state legisalators and to anyone else that I can find. That will pay attention to this kind of cruelty to children. their has to be a law that makes the court system pay attention to this kind of abuse. and a law for grandparents to be able to take these children out of these homes and take custody of them. It is not right for the law to put these children back into the hands of these men to be taught that it is ok to hit your wife and abuse her and mentally and emotionally abuse their children. The courts only look at the physicall abuse. These children are depending on someone to stand up for them. If we as grandparents would come together and start writing to our elected officals and yes even the president someone would have to pay attention to this kind of abuse. Please if you are a granparent or will be in the future I urge you to start writing letters to get this law for grandparents rights to their grandchildren. Write to your states officials, And to anyone else that might can help with this need. If you have any suggestions please email me at don't ever say that this want happen to your grandchildren. please sign. their is grandchildren every where depending on this law. Thank you

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