Libera a SUSI/Free for SUSI

Susi is the elephants still live in the Barcelona Zoo. And yet we say because your life is at serious risk, since the end of Alicia's death in February 2008, the Elephanta Susi companion who was also the dominant female, Susi is in a serious state of depression. But we will begin to tell their story from the beginning, a biography riddled with gaps and loopholes that only knows Susi ...
Susi was born in the wild in Africa in 1973 and we do not know if it was one of the many elephant orphans by hunters or captured to be exploited in a circus, the fact is that one day Susie went to the premises of Terra Natura and then  was transfered to Barcelona Zoo in 2002. They shared the premises with Susi Alicia, an elephant playing an important role as the dominant female in a species that is essentially matriarchal in their social organization, although neither was well within its zoo since this type of facilities do not contribute to their physical or mental, at least they could be together and endure his captivity a minimum comfort each other.
But in late February 2008 Alice died in circumstances not yet clarified, leaving Susie alone and with an ever increasing depression. Susi is the obvious discomfort of all their movements and behavior are clear from a deep depression, which is also seriously damaging their physical and mental. Just stop for a few against Susi few minutes to check:

* Stereotyped behavior has increasingly accentuated: a stereotyped movement is one that is conducted on a repetitive and compulsive behavior no purpose. In the case of the elephant is typical balancing the head and trunk, and a "dance" performed alternating front legs to support them in the ground.

* Susi eat their own feces: this is called coprophagy, and is a behavior that betrays her state of anxiety, stress and boredom.

* Intestinal disorders: the boredom that makes you eat your own feces, it is that makes food Susi insistently ask visitors to the zoo ... simply because they do not have anything else to do for the absence of any enrichment program, which in the jargon of zoos is called to give the animals something to do. Thus this giant eats vegetarian sausages, chips, plastic bags, toys and anything that is brought within reach of his trunk, which causes a host of gastrointestinal disorders, one of the most frequent causes of death in elephants in zoos. 

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Exmo. Senhor Dirtector del Zoo de Barcelona,
nosotros los abajo firmados, estamos muy preocupados por el estado de salud de SUSI, depues que se disparara la noticia por los medios de comunicacion de todo el mundo.
A todos nos duele ver su estado de depression, tristeza, e soledad, pero a ella le duele mucho mas, no lo dudamos! Como puede usted confirmarlo ay cientos de personas por todo el mundo que estan pedientes de SUSI, de su estado, de su salud e bienestar. Creemos todos nosotros que lo mejor para SUSI en los pocos años que le restan de vida, es liberarla en su habitat natuaral, en un sanctuario o en un parque natural en el entorno de los de su especie y en grupo, para que pueda sentir e vivir lo que es la libertad e estar junto de los suyos, como nos gusta a nosotros los seres humanos ser libres e estar entre los nuestros. SUSI necessita esta oportunidad, puede que sea la ultima de su vida, hay que abrirle las gradas, soltarla, dejar que pueda ser feliz, no puede mas estar encerrada. Como nos sentiriamos nosotros si nos encerraran, solos, sin compañeros, sin familia, tristes y sin ganas de vivir, porque mas nos vale vivir un dia en libertad felices y morir, que vivir toda la vida encerrados durante muchos anõs sin disfrutar de ser libres e poder compartir! SUSI ya ah trabajado mucho y durissimo para entretenernos, creemos que se merece un descanso e una recompensa por su esfuerzo durante todos estos anõs.
Le rogamos Senhor Director por favor que piense en lo que le pedimos en nuestra propuesta de liberar a SUSI, pienselo con cariño ella se lo mecece se lo ah ganado con mucho esfuerzo y empeño!
Se lo rogamos de nuevo, libere a SUSI e todos se lo agradecemos del hondo de nuestro corazon, y ella tanbien. 

De todos nosotros,
muchas gracias por su atencion y con los mejores saludos,
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