Lies, False Accusations, and Misrepresentation "How DCF Stole my daughter"

     I am writing to you with a heavy heart concerning my case against DCF and all the witnesses of DCF involved.  I was never able to conceive until 1997 when my only precious daughter, born prematurely, survived and entered my life.  Our life together, although fantastic, was not easy due to her various medical conditions; but she was/is the joy of my life!

     I was wrongfully accused by DCF and through a number of professional relationships that the opposing parties had, my daughter was taken from me or "Legally Kidnapped" by DCF.  The transcripts of my case were denied to be reviewed by the Supreme Court and also all of the concrete information regarding the cohesion and malicious intent of the opposing parties were never disclosed. 

     There is undeniable evidence that I was/am a good and competent mother.  Never less: DCF spun a web of so many lies and misrepresentations of the facts through their cohesive witnesses and the 'guardian at litem' that my child was forcefully taken from my life.

     My beautiful daughter is my entire life and I have been screaming from every hilltop for her return.  I wrote a letter to Gov.Bush and also Gov. Crist and they told me they understood and that I must keep fighting for Justice.  I have spoken to other families that have been torn apart and devastated by DCF.  Many of the mothers in my situation have stated that DCF's malicious abuse of power and privilege caused their lives to be torn apart. 

     I have contacted countless professionals seeking council and now am looking into filing a Federal Lawsuit against DCF and their blatant disregard for my family's Civil Rights.  Please, please, please, don't turn a blind eye to the "Legal Kidnapping" that many women, mostly of whom do not have the financial means to fight in Court, have endured. 

    Please put yourself in my place for a moment:  can you feel the pain, all of the tears, the sleeplessness, the constant fear that her life may be in danger.  No one... and I mean no child and mother need never be subjected to this torment due to our position social-economic status that lacks the power and money to fight back! 
     Due to (The Dept. of Children and Families) blatant abuse of power and the flagrant disregard for my daughter's Civil Rights: she is suffering physical, emotional, and spiritual anguish. 
          In a case with similar immediate circumstances: today, Thursday, May, 22nd, 2008, the Texas Court of appeals found that their state's Child Protective Services Department unlawfully removed hundreds of children without proper evidence.  "Essentially this decision from the Third Court of Appeals said that Child Protective Services had absolutely no evidence that would justify them going in there and removing these children from this household," said Cynthia Martinez, who represents 48 of the mothers whose children were removed.  This is exactly the kind of "hear-say" evidence that allowed my child to be unlawfully removed in the first place and I should be granted the same outcome due to the unopposed healthy and happy physical and mental status of my child at the time of her "abduction".
     It will be a travesty if the Florida Department of Appeals does not give my child the same standard of proof required by the Texas Dept. of Appeals in their judgment that their was a clear "lack of evidence" which is required if the Dept. of Children's Affairs wants to remove a child from their mother.
Please sign this petition and help reunite me with my only child and give her back a life full of joy with her REAL mother!  
(727) 321-7165 

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