Lolicon Protection Act of 2009

Lolicon is a Genre/Theme of Anime in which Underage Female Anime Characters are Sexually Depicted. This is classified as the Most Controversial Subject in Anime History. The USA legalized it in 2002, Affirmed it in 2003, and the last known U.S. Supreme Court Case regarding Lolicon was in December 2008. That being said, this petition is intended as an Emergency Backup in the event Lolicon is banned or brought to the attention of the Courts. In other-words, keep Lolicon Legal. There is no reason Lolicon should be banned. Its 100% Fake, no child is being harmed, and the chance of someone acting out after looking at Lolicon is low. Japan created Lolicon in the 70's. That nation has maintained the label of "Safest Nation" since it joined the UN 1956. They have the Lowest Crime Rate of any Developed Nation. The Biggest Issue is Drug Trafficking by the Yukuza to other nations. So, if Japan can keep Lolicon legal and maintain a safe status for Children, then why in the hell can%u2019t the USA follow in Japan Legal Footsteps? The only reason people in the USA want Lolicon banned is Morals. And morals are reason enough to ban something that isn%u2019t bothering anybody. Please sign this petition and show your support for Lolicon.

Dear Congress Person(s)
President Barack H. Obama

Hello my name is Akemi L. Mokoto and I am the Director of the Lolicon Defense Task Foce and Producer and Anchor/Reporter for Upcoming Podcast/Youtube Web-News Series WDOL: Loli 5 News. I have gotten 1000 Signatures for this Petition you see before you. The Reason this Petition is here is because a large group of Anime Fans and Lolicon Viewers have had it with this country trying to ban Lolicon every year. Now if  "Virtual Child Pornography" is banned you define it as to not include Lolicon (Ex: "The Realistic Animation Depicting Child Sex using Computer Generated (or 3-D) Images to form a sense of Realistic Abuse of Children which is Indistinguishable or Nearly Indistinguishable form Real and fake to the Average Human Being%u201D). What I%u2019m saying is I want you to Protect Lolicon or Define "Virtual Child Pornography" as so it doesn%u2019t include "Lolicon" in its ban if ya decide to Ban "Virtual Child Pornography."  Now I%u2019m sure most of us would like to see "Virtual Child Pornography" banned if it is realistic enough to fool a Child Pornography Expert (NCMEC). Nevertheless, banning Lolicon would not be a good thing to do and here's why: For one thing, there has been no Study(s) finding Lolicon to cause any Sex Crimes against Children. Psychologist will agree with me on this. Well those who has experience with Lolicon Viewers. Hell Studies from Japan (The Country Lolicon first started in) came out with a study to actually say Lolicon Viewers actually would stay in Side and Beat Off to images of Lolicon then actually rape a kid. it also said with evidence from the ICPO(InterPol) showing countries with Bans or Restrictions on Lolicon actually had a Much Higher Rate of Child Sex Crimes then countries with little or No Restrictions on the Material! Look it up! Find out for yourself. Beside If Lolicon causes Child Sex Crime then Porn, TV and Video Games cause Rape, Police Chases, Violence and Criminal Actions against People and Property and the studies conducted by a lot of country (including the USA) don%u2019t show a Majority of Porn Fans, Gamers and TV Viewers to be Violent People with a Felony Record longer then O.J.'s Criminal History.

There is no reason in hell Lolicon should be banned if a majority of the Viewers have never or will never commit a Sex Crime against kids. The only reason you and the American People want to Ban Lolicon for is to Please Parents, Women and The Christian Population who find Lolicon to be Unethical, Immoral and Offensive to the Highest Degree. Now I can understand why you and most people would find Lolicon Sick but look at this from a Common Sense Point of View instead of a Human or Religious Stand Point. Sick or not the Pint is its HARMLESS!!! You can%u2019t just ban shit because it%u2019s Offensive or goes against your Religion. Its not Right and it%u2019s not Fair! But most of all it Not American. Hell thing about this.  Lolicon (and Virtual Child Pornography) is actually Steering Child Pornography Viewers away form there sick Real Pictures. What I'm saying is Lolicon (and VCP) is the Alternative to Child Pornography.  But if that%u2019s not enough to Prove to you that Banning this stuff will be a big mistake, Ill release to you my Organizations findings from our Months of Studies on Lolicon Fans in an Unnamed Popular Lolicon Forum. Just consider this please! The Child Pornography may go slowly out of Business over the Years. But harmless things should be Banned for no good reason. In addition, don%u2019t say "Let%u2019s leave it up to the State to decide%u201D because believe it or not, the Internet is not State Controlled, if its controlled at all its likely FEDERALLY CONTROLED! If you ban Lolicon we will team up with the ACLU and other Freedom Activist Organizations and we will start one of the largest Petitions in American History! Do NOT play %u201CGods Law%u201D with our Countries Law! Keep Lolicon Legal until you can find Enough Evidence to say for sure that Lolicon and Lolicon Fans are a Great Risk to Society! Don%u2019t bother though because most Viewers will never do anything Bad. If a Majority Loli Fans will rape Kids, then that must mean A Majority of Violent Game Players and Horror Movie Watchers will commit a Sick, Unforgivable, Graphic Mass Homicides (Genocide) around the World. ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! In conclusion, Lolicon is Harmless and there is no reason to say other wise! Thank you for Taking Time out of your %u201Cbusy schedule%u201D to read this Petition.

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