Macedonia can not be called differently

Someone can not change your name or call you by different names. Your name means that you are a person. Your history, your tradition, your culture is represented by your name. You go on in the history or continue your species in this world with your name. If someone is trying to change it, than you must fight back. Cause this is democratic society, free people licve on this planet, and if someone wants to dicatate your way of living, then that is a threat. No one can tell you waht to do, as long as you live by the rules of ordinary and everyday people. I dont care about the politics, i dont care about the states and their birocracy, i dont care about pacts and treatys about war and peace, i dont care about what others are doing, but they have gone too far. They come to my house, to my home, to my land, to my country, where my grandfather has spilt blood to let me live as a free man, to tell me what my name should be. I will not tollerate such actions. that has to be stopped. I dont have a problem, but you make it my problem. People are free, people are left to decide for them selves. No government can speak for me or other citizens for such a delicate and precious matter as my identity. This is not Slavomacedonia, or Upper Macedonia, or New Macedonia. This is my country THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA. And no one can take that away from me. I am MACEDONIAN and im proud to be from MACEDONIA. Help me protect what is mine. What is to all Macedonians.
WE are above all citizens of this planet, of Europe, of themodern world. We declare our right to be called by the name that is given to us by birth. We are MACEDONIANS. And no one can change that. I proudly stand today infront of you, who are trying to make political intrigues and political lies about our country. We are small, but courageous, moral, powerfull in mind and above all, we have prevailed. WE were here, we are here and we are going to be here...
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