Make AT&T honor their upgrade promises!

AT&T is in violation of their own Code of Ethics

AT&T code of ethics VIII. Fair Dealing

"We have a history of succeeding through honest business competition. We do not seek competitive advantages through illegal or unethical business practices. Each employee, officer and director should endeavor to deal fairly with the Company's customers, service providers, suppliers, competitors and employees. No employee, officer or director should take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts, or any unfair dealing practice".

And their Code of Business conduct

"Our reputation for doing the right thing is one of our most valuable assets. Our customers believe in our products and services, and they trust us. It’s up to each of us, every day, to protect that trust. Living up to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and respect is the most important commitment we can make – to each other, our customers, our business partners and our shareholders".

"We are honest and act with integrity.

This statement applies to everything we do at AT&T. Our daily interactions should start and end with honesty and integrity. We hold ourselves and each other to a high standard of ethical behavior. Many groups - shareholders, customers, communities, suppliers, public authorities, our fellow employees - are able to trust what we say and do. We take personal responsibility for meeting the goals we share and keeping our commitments".

"We follow ethical sales practices.

Our customers should always know we value them. We fairly represent our products and services to them. We listen to our customers, and challenge ourselves to find new ways to offer the best solutions available to help them communicate efficiently, sustainably and safely.

We earn and preserve their trust by treating them with honesty and integrity, and in a professional, courteous manner. We deliver what we promise. We do not provide goods or services that customers did not authorize.

AT&T succeeds in the marketplace by competing aggressively but fairly. Our products and services stand on their own merits. We do not misrepresent the characteristics of our products and services, and we do not deceive our customers or engage in any other unfair practices".

Here are some examples of their "ethical" dealings with we as customers

·         "Hey Darren-- We're sorry for any confusion that happened between buying your new Xperia and trying to get the software. Have you checked out this link? 2.1 is out and available for you! Thanks!

about a month ago" ·A respons to an upset customer on AT&T facebook discussion board. They later recanted and will now only give the standard "we have nothing to share at this time".

A direct quote from the AT&T website---

"AT&T recommends that all AT&T devices always be updated with the newest software releases"        
So why have we not been able to get the updates or at least a straight answer. We need to band together in support of this petition and make AT&T honor their obligation. We have been promised these updates (some of us even made our buying decision based on misleading and downright false information from this company).  They need to realize that they can not treat customers this way and in doing so are in violation of the above mentioned codes and are in breach of contract. If they do not allow the updates for our Android phones as promised by their own company reps, then they are in breach of contract and we would should be able to leave without paying an ETF as per their own customer contract. Which state if they change anything about our contract (not updating equipment as promised) then we have the right to terminate said contract.  They continue to commit fraud by continuing to sell these devices and lying about the updates available to customers. This petition will also be submitted to the FCC,BBB, and the Texas State Attorney generals office in conjunction with a complaint I have filed against AT&T for unfair business practices, breach of contract, and fraud.

When you sign this petition, please feel free to comment and tell of your experience with this company.

We the customers demand that you honor your own codes, and statements and release the updates for our android phones contracted to you service. we have paid for sevices and were promised these updates by representatives of your company as a means to get us to purchase these phones and sign 2 year contracts with your company.

Most if not all of these phones are already obsolete and are set to be dropped from your commpany, and yet your representatives are still selling them with the promise of an upgrade. These are deceitful business practices and need to stop.  Some customers have gone as far as illegally obtaining the updates and brag about them on your sites, as well as, other blogs and social sites and pages without censure or reprimand. In the meantime those of us who are trying to get you to honor your obligations legelly are being left out in the cold.
If your company is unwilling to honor the terms of our contracts then we seek to have them deemed null and void and request that your company release us from our contracts with no further payment to your company. This will be included in a complaint to the FCC, BBB, and the Texas State Attorney General's office for consideration. Thank you.
Your android phone customers.
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