Make the City of Houston Shelter "No- Kill"

Effective August 22, 2008 the current Bureau Chief of the City of Houston Animal Shelter (BARC- Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care) has resigned.

As Citizens and/or Taxpayers in the City of Houston, Texas, we now have the opportunity to voice our support to Bill White, City Council members and the Department of Health and Human Services for them to hire a new Bureau Chief that will develop a plan for the City of Houston Animal Shelter (BARC) to become a NO KILL Shelter.

We understand that this is a challenging task but know it is possible.

We request that the position of Bureau Chief at the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care (B.A.R.C.), following Kent Robertson's recent resignation be swiftly filled with an individual steadfast in his/her commitment to embracing and practicing all established elements of the progressive, cost-effective, compassionate and ethically-sound No-Kill Platform*, with full support and participation from the Mayor, City Council and Director of Health and Human Services Department of the City of Houston, so that the City of Houston can develop a thriving, sustainable No-Kill Community within a reasonable time-period, well by the end of the year 2013.

We, Citizens and/or Taxpayers in the City of Houston, Texas no longer desire to financially, or by any other means, support the euthanization of adoptable animals at B.A.R.C.  We respectfully demand reform with full implementation of sound No-Kill platform practices such as, but not limited to:

1)    An animal-compassionate Bureau Chief/Shelter Director, NOT versed, compliant and entrenched in Kill Shelter experience/mind-set, but instead committed to core practices of the No-Kill platform;

2)    Accessible, high-volume, Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Surgery (safe and standard practices only) made available by the City of Houston to ALL Citizens and Taxpayers in the City of Houston and Greater Houston for their companion animals;

3)    Comprehensive Adoption Program staffed by B.A.R.C for all healthy and treatable companion animals, that one way or another end up at B.A.R.C., including owner-turn-ins;

4)    Strong marketing (i.e. Public Service Announcements on TV, Radio, City and community papers) encouraging maximum community involvement (i.e. volunteering, fostering, adoptions, donations) from, but not limited to: individual citizens, local corporations, non-profit rescue groups;

5)    Feral Cat TNR (trap/neuter/return) programs;

6)    B.A.R.C. becoming a healthy, welcoming and reliable resource for companion animal information, education and assistance, including, but not limited to: 1) humane training, 2) behavior modification, 3) pet retention, 4) rehoming.

We, Citizens and/or Taxpayers in the City of Houston, Texas respectfully demand that the City of Houston government respond to and reflect the wishes of its Citizens/Taxpayers, to put an end to the killing of approximately 80% of the sentient, healthy and treatable companion animals, yearly, at the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care (B.A.R.C.).

What does "No-Kill" mean?

* No-Kill Platform commits to euthanizing ONLY companion animals that are either irremediably injured or terminally ill, as determined by a board-certified doctor of veterinary medicine, in good standing with the City of Houston and State of Texas, and in compliance with the true meaning of the word euthanasia (Webster definition: mercy killing).  All healthy and treatable companion animals are to be nurtured, treated as needed, and guaranteed a realistic chance at adoption well beyond the 72 hour legal hold period for owners to claim them.






Please help the homeless dogs and cats in our city by supporting our petition to the City of Houston to hire a new Director for the City Animal Shelter (B.A.R.C.) that will be focused on developing a plan for B.A.R.C. to become a No-Kill shelter. The current Director has resigned and now is the time to let our voices be heard.
According to B.A.R.C. about 80% of the dogs and cats that come into the shelter (either by being picked up or turned in) are euthanized each year. Shelters around the country have proved that these animals can find homes and that the number of unwanted pets can be reduced through aggressive spay and neuter programs. The time is now. Let the Mayor and City Council hear from you.
For the animals.
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