Mass Incarceration

We are concerned citizens who are devastated by "court injustice" cruel and unusual punishment. We are prisoners even outside the prison walls. One out of every 30 people are on parole, probation or in prison. Our rights are taken away even after timed served. And we still have to pay the courts. Most can't get a job because of being labeled a felon. How can anyone provide for themselves and family or vote to make things better for the future? Some are wrongfully convicted and are innocent. Some innocent plead guilty because being threatened with the harsh minimum mandatory sentence and the death penalty.
Our National citizens are suffering from mass incarceration with profits being gained by those who are making money from "Prison Stock" such as CCA and Geo. Not to mention the more arrests the more money for the police departments. Our pleas to the courts go unheard and denied even with the best attorneys. Mass incarceration violates our civil-rights. Our civil rights are not honored by our courts and our human rights are bargained away. We do not have a crack in our judicial system to uphold the integrity of truth.
The US has more prisoners than any other country in the world. Only the worst of the worst kill their own people, Iran, Iraq, China and a few more. We need to raise the US up the the 21st century as a civilized Western Nation. For every 20,000 prisoners there are 100,000 votes to be had;  join us in ushering in a new era of equal justice by signing this petition. 
We are asking for the following laws to be changed;
1. Abolish the Death Penalty
2. Abolish the Felony Murder Rule
3. Require Government to review cases for Evidence and Police Misconduct.
4. Prohibit Police Interrogations unless Defense Legal Counsel is present-especially for children even in the presents of parents.
5. Prohibit our children from being tried in Adult Court-raise to age 21
6. Honor Plea Bargains so that no Judge can over turn
7. Require Jury selection to match the demographics of the City
8. Prohibit the following people from gaining money from "Prison Stock" law-enforcement, prosecutors, DAs, judges, wardens, governors, parole board members; anyone having anything to do with sentencing a person or monitoring the prison. This includes CAA Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and Geo Group. Please refer to the three judges that were arrested for keeping detention centers filled. Prison stock increases by head count of prisoners.
9. Abolish Three Strikes Law
10. Abolish Harsh Mandatory Minimums
11.Give prisoners back all rights, remove the label felon from all records12.Prosecutors and Judges must abide by Equal Justice Initiative recommendations founder Bryan Stevenson
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