Maximum Sentencing for Joshua Cohen, Child Abuser

Dear Friends and Family Members,

On June 24th 2007 my precious 10 week old granddaughter Evelynn Marie Biondo was viscously and brutally attacked at the hands of her so called %u201Cfather%u201D when she became fussy because it was time for her to be fed. Her father Joshua Cohen responded by elbowing her off the bed they fell asleep on. Naturally she hit the floor and screamed in pain after hitting her head on the bed post on the way down. Again he chose to punish her with 5 blows to her head. He kicked her to the point of near unconsciousness.  As he picked her up off the floor she began to come to and screamed in pain. This cry for help cost her a normal life forever. That animal shook her for what he admitted to Suffolk County detectives for 30 seconds. That criminal act changed baby Evelynn forever. He shook her until Evelynn went unconscious. Her eyes rolled behind her head and she began to have difficulty breathing. Instead of calling 911 he dressed her and rolled her in her stroller to my daughter%u2019s place of employment. When Alicia saw Evelynn she immediately called 911. When they arrived at the hospital Doctors placed Evelynn on life support and told us she would probably not make it. A spinal tap showed blood in her cerebral spinal fluid. This indicated head trauma. Later that evening Joshua Cohen was placed under arrest after he confessed to the crime. He gave chilling and descriptive accounts of what happened in a cold and matter of fact fashion.

Today Evelynn has a moderate seizure disorder that so far has required 2 surgeries in an attempt to better control them. Her brain has shrunk. Her eyes developed hemorrhages behind them due to blunt force trauma causing severe loss of vision. At only 5 months old now Evelynn's fight to live has only just begun. My sweet innocent granddaughter is at risk for cerebral palsy and will always have a learning disability.  At this time Evelynn has extremely low muscle tone and control. She can%u2019t even hold her head up. All she does is sleep, cry as if she was in pain and barely takes any formula. Our once happy little princess will never be the same. All because she was hungry!!

Over the past few months I have had to watch my daughter struggle while coming to terms with what has happened with her child. I have had to watch an innocent baby struggle just to live. I have seen pain and sadness in both there eyes. My heart bleeds for them and many days the pain I feel for them overwhelms me.

Meanwhile that animal resides in Riverhead Correctional facility on $500,000. Bail or million dollar bond. He gets 3 square meals, recreation, he gets to live, laugh and breathe with out any problems other than being confined. He gets to do, realistically only about 15 years in jail and on good behavior less than that. Meanwhile my poor sweet and innocent Granddaughter has a life sentence of handicaps, surgeries, medications, doctor%u2019s appointments, expenses and is deprived of ever living a normal life.

That God given right was taken away by a so called %u201Cman%u201D who deserves a more suitable punishment than only 15 years or less.

Unfortunately cases such as this one has become more and more prevalent. Many times results are actually worse. Sometimes a child is brutally killed.

Two things that could stop these senseless crimes are education and tougher laws.

This petition is to ask our law makers to make it mandatory for people like Joshua Cohen to serve a mandatory 25 year sentence with no chance of bail or early parole. If you kill a child that same sentence increases to 35 years imprisonment%u2026.



                                                                     Kindest Regards,

                                                                   Anthony R. Biondo


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