It has been observed that the Munda finds a orphan bear cub in the forest-
200100397x1204742376x1200210085 he brought the same to his house for treatment & care with out intimating the concerned Police or Forest / Wildlife officials, this is the bona fide mistake he did, but he kept the animal openly with his family but Debasis Chakrabarti of India said - Munda took the injured/orphaned bear cub to the nearest forest beat-office, they refused to accept it. When the cub recovered, Munda was alerted about the law and he immediately took it back to the forest, a number of times. But each time the bear came back to his hut on its own. The bear didn't need a permit to visit his rescuer Munda, who himself is a Vanbashi. Law is for the society and not the other way round !, where as former member of the Animal Welfare Board of India  Sandeep Kumar Jain said that the Declaration of Wildlife Stock Rules 2003 under wildlife Protection Act 1972 Stated that ,this will give chance to illitrate,tribals and poor people who missed the previous amensty scheme.
family-orissa-shelters-lost-bear.html, here I find failure of the administration for a long period, where as there may be a chokidar / namberdar & sarpanch of the village where Munda lived with the bear cub for a long time , they might have informed to the administration about the animal.
These are the laws related to the wild animals -
No doubt Munda commited an offence under these provisions & it is presumed  that he kept the scheduled one animal along with him , hence the proof of burden on Munda as accused not on the prosecution.
Now we can see the  history of the accused Munda case :-
  • Definition of  captive animal  under the Wild Life Protection Act, 1972
  • -"captive animal" means any animal, specified in Schedule 1, Schedule II, Schedule III or Schedule IV, which is captured or kept or bred in captivity;
  • Definition of wild animal under the Wild Life Protection Act, 1972
  • "wild animal" means any animal found wild in nature and includes any animal specified in Schedule I, Schedule II, Schedule, IV or Schedule V, wherever found;
  •  He is not a criminal by nature & his house is also a part of the forest being an scheduled tribe community.
  •  He kept the animal like his daughter, in fact bear was living at her own with them.
  •  There was no injury, ill treatment with the animal.
  •  There was no cages for the animal, open & free movements for her.
  •  Bear was not used as performing animal nor any rope in her nose.
  •  Now bear is not happy in the Zoo, because she is in the cages & in captivity now, before complaint she was free in natural forest along with Munda, which kind of activism it is ..?????
  • "I cannot understand why I was punished for taking good care of a bear that was deserted in the forest and would have died had I not brought her home," Munda said.
  • Hence on the basis of the points raised above we all  appeal to the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India & the Chief Minister of Orissa to forgive Munda & the criminal case may kindly be withdrawn in the interest of natural justice & he may be rewarded caretaker job in the zoo for his service towards bear cub.
- Naresh Kadyan, Representative for OIPA in India
Contact :-
91- 09813010595
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      Endorsed by the PFA HARYANA -

To                                                                        27.06.2008.

Sh. Naveen Patnaik

Hon. Chief Minister


 Sub : Rehabilitation of Ramesh Munda reg.

 Respected Sir

            This is regarding Ramesh Munda the innocent tribal of Rutisila village under Ghatagoan village of Keonjhar was arrested by State Wildlife deptt. for rearing and saving an orphan bear cub. He was charged for violating Wildlife Protection Act 1972 and now on bail. The arrest of Munda for saving a bear life is now reacted by many. This has now become an international news and we are receiving condemn letter from many people from aboard.
The arrest was completely inhuman when his attitude was to save the bear cub. He was also intimated the concern Forest wing and local police in due time. But no body has given attention of that. When this came in media then the concern Wildlife wing arrest him hiding their fault. Earlier we have rescued bears with the help of Wildlife deptt. but no action has been taken against anybody. Munda was treating the bear very humanely. Though Munda is instrumental in saving the bear life and he is poor tribal and not able to earn daily meal for his family our organization planning for his rehabilitation. We have arranged his daughter free education and all support. His daughter will be admitted in tribal school of Kalinga Institute of Social Science and the KISS authority is very happy to support. We urge before the Hon. Chief Minister to be kind enough to look after the following things:-

 1.     The case against Munda should be dropped by withdrawing charges.

2.     The Munda should be given opportunity to work in Nandankan Zoo to look after Rani along with other animals.

3.     The rescued bears should remain free for which a bear sanctuary may be established. If govt. will provide land we will also take the responsibility for establishment of rescue center where different type of rescued wild animals will be rehabilitated.

4.     Munda is interested to meet you Sir for your blessings as you are very much  sympathetic  for Munda and support for his daughter..

 We request to the Hon. Chief Minister to be kind enough to take up the above matter for which we will be very much grateful.

With regards,

Yours faitfully,

Jiban Ballav Das, Secretary,

Mobile : 91-09437020717




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