Miffy needs tickets!

Ok this is pretty much an advanced form of begging to try and persuade Mr Navarro (note the formal title depicting the great show of respect there) that he should make available a consolation prize to one Miss Miffy/Mifford/Miffmasterflex Longstocking seeing as how she missed out on both the "secret" gig in London and the O2 gig. Not asking for anything major -signing the petition as a way of saying hello and thereby making her laugh lots will do! Why should he do that I hear you ask? Well aside from the fact that no-one on the Asylum, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or anywhere else you can think of wants to have to listen to her crying into her beer for the rest of her life lets look at why she is so deserving of such acknowledgement.

Mainly because her summer so far has totally sucked.  Despite missing Camp Freddy by ONE DAY! last year when she went to New York and TPC failing to ever come anywhere near the UK she has always held faith that one day she will get to see the great Mr Navarro speak his sweet sweet music with his guitar in person.  She was totally devastated when she saw that she would miss the North Carolina date by 2 weeks, especially as it was announced about a week after she booked her vacation,  but it was again reinstated when dates were announced for the O2 in London. At that point not only was she one of the first in the queue to get hold of tickets but knowing that another Asylum member would be away when they went on sale she even sorted their tickets for them to avoid anyone else having to suffer disappointment - how's that for dedication??! Gotta be worth some karma points surely. So ... summer all planned - trip to the USA to see Asylum friends followed by NIN/JA a couple of days after she got back. Couldn't be better right? Wrong ...

Poor Miss Miffy's kidney decided that it didn't like being left out of this scenario and decided to increase its role in the play of the life of one Miffy Longstocking.  So she ended up in the ER in excrutiating agony.  And they wouldn't let her fly. So she had to cancel her vacation while they did further tests.  And they decided to book her an appointment for the results of those tests the same day that she was meant to be seeing NIN/JA at a time that made it impossible for her to make it to London in time - if she didn't take the appointment it would have been 3 months before she got offered another one so she really had no choice. Even sold the tickets on Ebay at cost so no other fan got scalped (shows integrity dontcha think). Plus she'd have had to sleep on someone's futon overnight if she'd made that one and the pain was too severe to do it *pause here for the sound of violins breaking people's hearts in the background*  Oh and to pile it on even more - her cat got injured this week and had to have an operation to have lots and lots of stitches put in. And she was going to get a souvenir as consolation from the 6767 family member who's tickets she sorted - but he couldn't pass on the ticket stub as planned because he wasn't allowed to keep it (what's up with that??!).  So all in all this month is showing an immense amount of suckage which could be reversed slightly with the help of said Mr Navarro.

Plus she helped Deez Nutz him.

And made Loop laugh once (just don't ask him about the whole fucked up on the postage when buying Spread Radio goodies debacle - it was a Barbie moment for which she takes no responsibility whatsoever *grin*).

Ummm ... can't think of any other reasons. Does the fact she begs in a most ingenious and original manner count?

So there we go - nothing short of begging for a very worthy cause. Please help!

Miffy x
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