Mitt, You Might Want to Drive a US-made Car Now

Mitt Romney just loves Detroit. At least that's the message of the GOP presidential hopeful's latest campaign advertisement. In that ad, Romney cruises around Detroit in his Chrysler, lamenting the fall of house values and rising unemployment and blaming the Obama administration for all of it.

Slight problem here: the car Romney's driving is actually made in Canada. That's right, folks. The observant and canny Blue Mass Group took a hard look at the dashboard on Romney's car and discovered that it's a Chrysler 300. The Chrysler company has a shifty way of outsourcing while still crediting themselves for manufacturing in America. They make the 300 in Ontario, then send it to Detroit where it is officially distributed to Americans as a US-made car.

While Mitt might be an unwitting victim of this scam, it would certainly behoove him to trade in his foreign car for one that's made in the US. After all, the man just LOVES Detroit and takes its unemployment crisis "personally."
We the undersigned think you need to trade in your Canadian-made car for an American made car now that you have run an advertisement on national television, promising your support of Detroit in its time of crisis. Chrysler has pulled a fast one here--even on you--making you think you were buying American when your car was built by employees in Canada. Maybe the Obama administration isn't entirely to blame for all the unemployment in America. Time to trade. 
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