mixed sex open showers at swimming baths England

I want your comments  thoughts in general, You have just been swimming at a local swimming baths and headed for the showers, the showers are all in one room with no partitions just an open room for everyone to  use , however there is a notice to keep your costumes on due to being a mixed shower.
A friend of mine who has been going swimming for over 2 years went into the shower and started to wash is hair whilst talking to the lifeguard who were at the enterance cleaning the changing area, there were no one else in the shower when he entered, he has put one hand down his trunks to rinse himself [ and doing this turned into a corner to not offend the lifeguard ] 2 girls come into the shower laughing and shouting and my mates tells them to shush as he is talking to the lifeguard , guess what happens next : my mate goes out to the changing area to get dressed and the girls have said to the lifeguard in the shower area that my mate has exposed himself to them whilst in the shower

Of course all allegations have to be taken serious, and my mate has been charged with sexual activity in front of these girls, and exposure, just what are your thoughts on this , i go to a gym regular and get changed in the room were other adults and children are, and how many more are risking being arrested for exposure, My mate has now to go through a trial to clear his name, the stress what this causes is something no one should go through

Please tell me your honest thouhts on this do you think my mate has done wrong ?  , if your a parent or a person who used leisure centres . have you ever had any experiences of this nature, or know someone, i just want to build a picture up to try and gather if communal showers are a good or bad thing in this day and age, both to protect children and also to stop false allegations. many thanks
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