MSG - Take it out of our food, it's killing America

Like the faces of Eve, MSG has many names as well.  The FDA has not regulated this substance and it is plaguing Americas food resources.  MSG and it's derivatives are put in so many if the day to day items people use and eat every day, such as; vaccines, medications, soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, and cosmetics.  MSG was discovered in 1909 by a Japanese scientist, and then was widely distributed to America and used in our food.  How can something that is so harmful are used on an everyday basis and not have federal regulations placed on it.  The worst thing of all is that George Bush has signed and is pushing forward the "Personal Responsibility of Consumption" bill.  In other words the "Cheeseburger Bill" This is absolutely ridiculous!  If the additive was removed, would Americans lose weight? Would we have a healthier country? The answer to these questions is yes.  Because of the addictive effects MSG has on a human being, it is almost impossible to resist what your brain knows tastes good.  Human beings are not meant to consume so much food in the quantities that is served at restaurants around the Country.  This too is an issue that needs to be addressed.  How can we promote healthy eating in our schools when restaurants are not serving us in healthy portions?  The diet industries would fold once America figured out that what is in our food is making us FAT.  Not just depression, anxiety or ADHD is causing Americans to over eat.  It is the MSG that is causing allot of the depression and anxiety that is causing Americans to over eat.. It is a vicious cycle.  It needs to be stopped.  It needs to be stopped RIGHT NOW.  I have looked up many food items I have in my cupboard and practically everything has a form of MSG in it.  The thought that I am slowly killing my family due to the food we consume is heart breaking! Please think about this issue and think about our health and the health of our children.  If we don%u2019t keep them healthy and change what we can, there will not be anyone to complain to anymore, they all would have died from MSG consumption. 

To Whom It May Concern~

I am a mother of four and a former soldier of 14 years.  I served honestly and faithfully.  I only expect my countries leaders to do the same.  Knowing that there is a bill being pushed through congress as we speak regarding the responsibility of Americans and what they consume has left me a little confused.  Where is the responsibility of the man/woman who wrote the bill? Where is the responsibility to the American people? MSG is killing us all, little by little.  Is this some sort of money making scheme?  Keep American ill and keep the Pharmaceutical companies wealthy?  Keep Americans ill and keep the Doctors and vitamin companies%u2019 pockets full?  STOP this bill from going forward; STOP the food and drug companies from putting MSG in our food resources.  STOP the Pharmaceutical companies from putting MSG in our vaccines and medications.  Take MSG and its derivatives off the shelves.  Americans can re-learn how to taste food without the added flavorings.. STOP the killing of Americans!

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