Need a click to donate button for Native Americans

Do you as organizers of this website keep up to date on the articles that are submitted to your website?? If you do, as I would hope you do :-}, you must have noticed all the articles about the Native American's state of emergency and the need for help for these people.  So my  hope is that you will add a button  to the click to donate area to help these people , please  You added  to help Haiti, please add one for the Native Americans because per the articles this has gone on now for years and years.  Human rights are what Care2 is about, right.  What about the children that are dying on the reservations?? What about the war veterans that are dying on the reservations???  What about the disabled/sick human beings that are dying on the reservations??  because electrical companies illegally  { I've been updated that it is not illegal in S.D.}shut off power to some of the above people before and after some of the blizzards/ice storms hit the reservations.   WHY ARE WE NOT HELPING THE PEOPLE OF OUR OWN COUNTRY, ALONG WITH THE PEOPLE OF OTHER COUNTRIES. Haiti  needs the help, but SO DO PEOPLE IN THE USA !!!!!!!!!  THE NATIVE AMERICANS ARE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES AND DESERVE THE HUMAN RIGHTS ALL CITIZENS HAVE HERE.  The USA government is not helping the Native American's emergency situation right now, matter of fact they are blowing it off......

ADD ON TO PETITION:   We would also like to be able to use our butterfly credits to help the Native American's emergency.  Like for replacing their spoiled food, for clothing, or helping with electricity or heating costs .  Haiti  can be donated to in both places, we would like to do the same for the Native American's emergency.
Thank you

SUGGESTION TO SIGNERS:  If you belong to Care2, and feel this is as important to you as it is to me, please pass this petition along to your groups as well as your friends  :-}  Thanks
Please add a button for Native American emergency relief
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