Creation of the New State of Southern Illinois

For to long the citizens of Illinois have been run by a corrupt and money backed group that has continously kept a strangle hold upon the citizens of Illinois by enforcing their will upon the whole state to get what they want from Chicago and it's surrounding area.  The people of Southern Illinois , with their different views and ideals, should not be treated like criminals or second class citizens to avance political agendas in Chicago by it's governmental leaders and their supporters.  

We the people of Southern Illinois, as difined by a line from the Indiana border through Bloomington Illinois to the Missouri-Iowa border, south to Cairo, Illinois, feel it is time for Chicago politics to stop ruling over the populace with absurd laws that infringe upon our rights. No one city should have the right to govern a whole state. 

We therefore demand the right to place a referendom to be voted on by the public in this above outlined area to seceed from the State of Illinois and form the New state of Southern Illinois

The time limit of presenting this petition with a proper amount of registered voters signatures by January 10, 2013 shall be established. This time limit will begin with the date of the first signature. Signatures will be accepted until 6 pm January 9, 2013.

If as a citizen of Southern Illinois, you feel you have not been fairly represented by elected representatives and that Chicago government have to much control on our daily lives, which does not relate to Chicago politics. Then it is time to stand up for your rights and the quality and control of the way you and your family will live.

To make a change and stop the useless waste of money spent on political favors for Chicago big business and politicians. Please sign the petition.
We the undersigned, feel it has become necessary to seperate from the  State of Illinois , creating our own state of Southern Illinois. We feel we have not been represented to the fullest by our elected leaders and that there are to many political influences by Chicago and the Northern part of the state to give the downstate region a fair and honest representation for the welfare of it's citizens.
We therefore are presenting this petition to the people so as to make their own decision  to continue with the less than productive leadership we have now,  or form a new state to protect our rights, culture and welfare of our families.

We feel no one city or it's political representatives has the right to control the entire populace of a state, especially one the size of Illinois and with a greater diverse culture mix that is present.
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