By now you have all probably heard of the truck-load of slaughterbound horses that overturned in Oklahoma last week;

It turns out these horses were owned (purchased) by a woman killbuyer in Higbee, Mo. by the name of Laurie Caldwell. Her employee / consignor is (middleman) Terry Broocke;  (Terry Broocke Co*) Jonesburg, MO 63351 - Phone: (636) 488-5219
who is her purchasing agent who then hired Christopher Dobbin to transport them. It was he who  fell asleep at the wheel causing the truck to crash and resulting in the death of 11 of the horses. 

These horses were purchased by the killbuyers and/or their agents as named above from; 

Midwest Exchange Regional Stockyards
Street: 1120 Market Drive
Mexico, Mo 65265-3518
Phone: (573) 581-2250
Write a review here; 

and by pre-arranged sale, were sold to and headed for;  

Frontier Feedlot, in Morton, Tx., owned by Beltex Corp, a foreign (Belgium) owned horse-meat processing corporation;

Report from Animal Angels on Beltex's "Frontier"" feedlot in Morton, Tx.;

Animal Angel Vids; Look for Texas / Morton Feedlot;

Beltex also owns;

Frontier Game Co. Morton, Tx
Write a review in these links below;

and, as I just discovered by a call to the Texas Secretary of States Office, Beltex also owns; 

Frontier Meat Co. in Ft. Worth Texas; (same exact Ft. Worth Address for Beltex)
(write a review of their company here;)

The horses were enroute to Frontiers aka Beltexs' Feedlot  in Morton, Tx where their next stop would have been to slaughter in Mexico (learn more about Mexicos Horse Slaughter Plants here;)

These horses belonged to Frontier Meats aka Beltex, not to the Killbuyers who were "only" transporting them for FrontierFrontier Meats in both Morton Texas and Ft. Worth Texas (aka Beltex,) deal in "exotic" meats such as ostriches, wild boar and horses. Of course, they dont advertize their horsemeat sales too much in the US,...and, in fact, if you call the Ft. Worth office, they will deny they buy horses at all but do not let them fool you,....they are incorporated as a foreign corporation doing business in the USA under an assumed (Frontier Meats) name. Both Frontier Feedlot  &  Game Meat Co. in Morton Tx as well as Frontier Meats in Ft. Worth Tx are both foreign corporations owned by BELTEX!  

We are making this petition just so the world will know the "true nature" of these places and of the horror these AMERICAN horses suffer not only at the slaughter houses but while waiting for slaughter in the feedlots and during transport too. In many states it is illegal to transport horses in cattle trucks which are not designed high enough for horses, nor do they have any dividers to seperate them from eachother, but are crammed in all together like a truck full of sows.  Many  dont make it to the slaughter plants but are kicked or crushed to death by the larger or stronger horses along the way. Mares, stallions and babies, drafts and minis, old and young, are all shoved in together tightly packed on slippery floors, and left without food or water or rest for the long cross-country hauls. It is a terrible disgustingly cruel way to treat any animal, especially our American horses which is supposed to be protected from such things as they are not traditional food animals as per the USDA,..and are not consumed by humans in the good ole-USA.

Tell The Midwest Exchange Regional Stockyards and Frontier Meats aka Beltex the majority of the International Community is against horse slaughter and we abhore their dispicable business and PRAY everyday for a quick end to it through exposure and public disgrace.  We pray that Midwest Exchange Regional Stockyards, Frontier Meats aka Beltex  gets out of the dispicable business of buying and/or selling horses for slaughter in the USA. In any event, It DOES NOT bode well for their  "other" meat business cause now that their secret is out and their customers will wonder what in the heck kind of meat are they really getting from these places trying to disguise themselves as "domestic corporations" when IN FACT they are not!! NO ONE likes "mystery meat" and that is apparently what Frontier aka Beltex is selling to the world. Their customers will wonder if Frontiers aka Beltex's ground beef  is "a mix " between cow and horse,... like they do down in old Mexico, to cut costs & increase profits by producing a cheaper meat.

Here is a copy of the "Victims List / Vet Report" where there is a discepency as to "reason for purchase." You will see there are places for checkmarks that include "slaughter" but that option is not checked....what is checked as the reason for purchase is "other,"... but surely the vet must have known the truth as they work regularly with these guys. Also, the report has no signature of the owner and/or agent...the space for that was left blank. Is the discrepency and omission evidence of a case of intentional fraud? We think so, what say you?

----Notice there was a couple of very young (baby) horses (and a poor little pony) on that awful slaughterbound truck as you read the vets health report; 

Victims List / Falsified, Incomplete Vet Report;

The Vet;

Robert E. Barnett DVM
5040 So. Rd. 306
Fulton, MO 65251

Dr. Robert Burnett on Flicker; You can leave a comment there!

Calloway Co. Vet Clinic where Dr. Barnett works

(when he is not helping horses-to-slaughter)

You can call or visit  "Frontier Game Meat" aka Beltex (feedlot) facility in Morton Texas to let them know how you feel; 

Frontier Game Meat
2180 County Road 120
Morton, TX 79346

Frontier Game Co. Morton, Tx
Leave a review here;

And also let them know at their office here;  "Frontier Meats," in Ft. Worth Tx: (The ones in denial) You can email them from here;

Read More about "Beltex" here;

USDA Erroniously Names Beltex as a "Texas based business";

Beltex Beef Recall & Food Poisoning Lawyers.Com;

Mexican Citizens can blog about the Mexican Horse-Slaughter Businesses here;

I have called both of these Beltex facilities in Texas today to ask about the surviving horses. I let them know there were people all across this country, and Canada as well as Mexico too, who would like to adopt them. I left my name and number and someone from "marketing" is supposed to get back to me. We shall see, but it wouldnt hurt if they got more calls inquiring about those horses. Who knows what will become of them if we dont make a great BIG noise?

Meanwhile, Join the International Boycott against "All Things" Pro Horse-Slaughter until HR 503 is passed. Lets put a STOP to this madness once and for all and forever by UNITING for this singular cause;

Thanks for caring! Together, WE CAN make a Difference!

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