No Fees On Computer Gaming!

People should sign my petition,if they a tired of huge monthly fees for playing games online.If you are gamer like me who likes to play all the latest computer but doesn't have a lot of money for the monthly fee for the subscriptions to the online sites made by compains who make the games.It seems to me, that what they want you to do is,buy a 50 or 60 dallor game and then pay for an online subsciption,which are not that cheap either.The most recent example of this is when bought Star Wars The Old Republic from Bioware and Lucasarts.I feel to be fair, I should note that the first month did come the purchase, which is fine, but after that I had to paid and the lowest amount I could aford was $14.99 per month.Now don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the games that Lucasarts and Bioware make, however for this reason I usually get for the consols.But seeing as that Star Wars The Old Republic was releasted for the consols,I had get for the computer and I was not perpared the online fee.It seem like that on top of the 50 or 60 dollar price tag, which by the way should be more than enough to fill their pockets and make them plenty happy,they also want that monthly fee I've been going on about,as if they were they not rich enough.One other thing I feel,is that all other game compains could learn from Arenanet and Ncsoft which are the createtors of Guild Wars which offer free online play.So, in closing,if you feel like me please sign my petition. Thank You.

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