In my country Portugal we have bullfights, but though the bull is not killed (except in Barrancos/Alentejo) , he is still tortured%u2026

A journalist said here on tv, that he had seen a bullfight in Spain where the bull was pierced through the spine and his movements, aggravated by panic, became involuntarily disconnected%u2026he actually was an %uFFFDaficionado%uFFFD, a fan of bullfights and was shocked. SO, WHY THIS? TRADITION? BURNING WIDOWS ALIVE IN INDIA WAS ALSO A TRADITION, BUT SINCE IT WAS NOT SENSIBLE, IT WAS EXTINCT. CULTURE? THAN I RATHER BE UNCULTURED BUT RATIONAL AND HUMAN! IF VIOLENCE IS CULTURE, THAN TERRORISM IS CULTURE%u2026

The link below is the sad spectacle of the bullfight%u2026

TOURJK.jpg picture by lizzard_012TOUR5.jpg picture by lizzard_012

These are descriptions made on other websites:

%uFFFD%u2026Bullfighting in Spain is a deeply traditional "sport". Today, however, there is much controversy surrounding this spectacle of bravado and machismo. Even within Spain's own boundaries, there are people calling for its end. The activists against bullfighting claim that it is barbaric and tortuous; the supporters lay their claims that it is an artistic display of human power over beast.

Though I was fairly certain I would be sick to my stomach if I witnessed a bullfight, I went with the attitude that it was an opportunity for me to see an ingrained cultural aspect and to gather my thoughts on the experience. I was clearly a minority in the crowd when I refused to clap, cheer, or be a part of the enthusiasm. My only enthusiasm came when I witnessed one of the bulls get the upper hand on the matador when the animal had him up on his horns.

I am sorry if my lack of humanity and compassion for a man being gored by a bull seems offensive, but after I explain what the animal goes through, perhaps my feelings won't sound so surprising. And remember this, the bull hasn't a clue what his fate is; the human is voluntarily dancing with death%u2026%uFFFD

HARD TO BELIEVE THAT SOME PAY TO SEE THIS...I WOULD PAY NOT TO SEE IT! (no offense but; what kind of sick person likes this?!)
%uFFFD%u2026MEXICO CITY - Pepe Serrano stared straight into the bull's dark marble eyes. Keeping his ankles together, he rolled slowly onto the balls of his feet. His tense muscles twitched beneath his skin.

Holding a red cape in one hand, Serrano carefully raised a long, thin dagger with the other, pausing only when the handle reached his nose and the point aimed at the beast.

Then, in one explosive burst of energy, Serrano dropped the cape to the dirt, let out a deep, mournful groan, and lunged toward the animal, plunging the sword between the bull's shoulders.

This time, however, there was no blood. This was a practice session for aspiring young matadors like Serrano, 23, and others who train at a small Mexico City park. The "bull," in this case, is a painted plaster replica set on a wheel and controlled by a teacher%u2026%uFFFD


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