What good old red blooded American of compassionate heart dosent have sympathy for the Jews?  History has taught us well and instilled in American Minds forever of the terrible Holocaust and the horrific suffering inflicted upon them by Hitler and his evil empire, the Nazi Regime. And who of bible-based faith does not believe that the poor Jews, persecuted throughout history wherever the lived or roamed, are truely "Gods Chosen People?" 

The United States of America so loves & emphathises with the Jews, that it jumped right into the battle of WWII as soon as we learned of the horrific fate they were suffering. Up until that point in time, the US wanted no part of that war and was trying to stay out of it.  

After the war was over, the U.S. was instrumental in helping the suviving Jews to establish a homeland of their own in the Holy Lands, and  in 1948, despite opposition from the Palistinians who already occupied the lands,  the new Zionist "Democratic" State of Israel was born. 

Today, 63 years later, America still loves the Jews and the State of Israel so much so that we give over THREE BILLION DOLLARS annually to them in aid,...that is more  than we give in aid  to all the other nations and countries of the world combined.  More recently, due to the unrest in the middle-east, the Prime Minister of Israel is asking the U.S.  for TWENTY BILLION  more in military aid "to better defend itself" in case of attack ;

But monatary aid is not the only way in which the U.S. supports or shows its favortisim towards Israel. Below are just a few examples: 

1. U.S.- Israeli Dual Citizenship: Special & Favored Status;

2. U.S. Adopts Jewish "Noahide" Laws;

The Law;
The Dangers;

3. U.S. Turns a Blind Eye to Israels Illegal Occupation of the Palistinians Lands - Vetos unanimous UN Resolution to Condem

Just recently, the UN voted on a Resolution to declare Israels occupation and settlement building in the Gaza Strip of Palistine illegal. The Resolution had 120 co-sponsors and was voted on unanimously by all 14 permanent security council members. However, at the request of the Prime Minister of Israel, President Obomba VETOED the vote. While Israel might "deeply appreciate" it,  Obombas veto of this unaniomus popular resolution only serves to fuel further mid-east resentment towards US  because of our unconditional love of  Israel.

4. U.S. Refuses to Condem Israels Unprovoked Attack on Gaza Aid Ship - Blocks International Requests for Independant Investigation;

5. US Defends Israels Secret Weapons of Mass Destruction - Lobbys to Exempt Them From Declaration or Inspection;

These are but only a few of the examples of the United States "blind-eye" favortisim towards Israel. The list goes on and on and is much too long to outline in petition form.  However, there are two short books that were published in 1984 by an American Jew named Jack Bernstein that illuminate for us adequate reasons to stop our unconditional love and support of  Israel, which, by all reports, is NOT a Democratic State but a racist, Marxist one. 

They are listed below (with links to online versions;) 

 The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel

My Farewell to Israel, The Thorn of the Mideast;

Please take the time to read the contents of both these short works, and then, if you agree that the US should cease to support Israel, please sign the petition and pass it along to your friends in hopes they will sign also.

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