No to Hillary for VP

After reading one blogger sentiment (thank you blogger kopanko) regarding Why we should say NO to HILLARY for the VP Selection, who by the way summarized and truly reflected my view, I thought it is important for all of us to voice why it is a bad idea for the Obama camp to select Hillary for VP:

I encourage you to sign this petition saying NO to the recently increasing Hillary for VP push because of the following reasons:

1)      Turning back to the Clintons at this point undermines the "CHANGE" theme of Obama's campaign, and WOULD ALIENATE Obama's supporters for whom this was a critically important and worthy principle: Bringing Clinton into the campaign brings all the Clinton players and insiders back into power at the same time, throwing out the fundamental principle of Obama's campaign. We've worked hard to TURN THE PAGE on all of this.

2)      The ugliness and hostility inflicted by Hillary's campaign, without warrant or reciprocation, upon Obama and his supporters, should not be rewarded. Why should the Clintons be allowed to bully their way back into the Whitehouse this way? It should not need to even be spelled out that this has been frankly shocking and horrifying to most of us.

3)      Obama should have THE RIGHT to select HIS OWN RUNNING MATE, according to his OWN criteria. The value of trust, compatibility, working toward the same goals, and a comfortable working relationship should not be disregarded. A team that has personal chemistry and who will energize and reinforce one another is of SIGNIFICANT VALUE.

4)      Having both Clintons there upstaging Obama's presidency would NOT BE FAIR, and could be a constant burden and distraction to a new administration. Look at Bill Clinton's behavior during this campaign: It simply is not credible to imagine that he would retreat quietly to a position of "supporting spouse", avoiding embarrassing business and political dealings, avoiding awkward and embarrassing statements in the press and to audiences at speaking engagements, and avoiding scandal not to discount his other humanitarian accomplishment. It's frankly arrogant and bordering on racist to try to force Obama to accept this kind of chaperoning of his administration by the "wise, been-there-already" Bill and Hillary team who have spent the campaign slinging mud, braking rules, making ridiculous and insulting play after ridiculous and insulting play against the nominee, and repaying their once-loyal black supporters by playing the race card incessantly.

The question is not "Why not bring Hillary on". The question rather is "WHY bring her on?" This is clearly the WRONG person to put on the ticket alongside Obama as it will be like adding gasoline on fire for the republicans to hound Obama%u2019s Message%u2026Not because of misogyny%u2026 Not because of "Clinton hate"%u2026 Because of the reality of the situation. Barack Obama did not put the Clintons into this position: THEY PUT THEMSELVES THERE.

Because of these and many legitimate reasons others can add to the list, I strongly believe she would not serve Senator Obama to his greatest potential and as such I say NO to Hillary for VP!

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