Save The School of Media against 230,000 cut

The Birmingham City University and The Faculty of Performance, Media and English (PME) in particular have decided that due to a need for cuts they will take 230,000 pounds from the School of Media.
These cuts will take immediate effect and will result in redundancy for 5 members of staff this year and 2 next year meaning that 30% of the Media work force will be lost.
These cuts in staffing will affect the course dramatically as it would mean that not only would there be less teachers to student ratio and therefore a less one-on-one time and direct correspondence with the lecturers but one of the unique and inspiring aspects of the course, it's range of 7 specialism would suffer i.e. downsizing of available specialisms and a drop in overall teaching quality for the specialisms that remain.
We all know there is a problem with lack of equipment sometimes and that some equipment is no longer up to the task so these cuts will devastate the department.
For those who have left already or are about to leave, this will affect you as well as a loss of reputation for the department will have some detrimental effect on how your qualifications look, I'm sure we'd all rather say "Birmingham City University, number 1 media school in the country" when we walk into interviews.
Currently (as I'm Sure Phil Thickett has made you aware) we are on the number 1 media degree (Theory and Production) in the country and 11th overall. For the majority, the teaching is of a high standard, the post grad employment statistics are high and this has led to the media school gaining accreditation from skillset 
We the undersigned believe that making such big a drastic cuts to a progressive and highly acclaimed school would be detrimental to the staff, students and the university as a whole.
We further believe that making cuts from one of the university's biggest success stories will only hurt the reputation of the course and the university in regards to rankings as well as any critical acclaim such as the current skillset status, in which The School of Media is one of 22 academies and the only one in the West Midlands.
We oppose these cuts and believe you should carefully consider the consequences of your actions as well as the futures of those your cuts will be affecting.
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