North Dakota to get Horse Slaughter Plant?

Back in 2006, due to public outrage and local laws,  the last three remaining equine slaughter houses in the U.S. were closed. Meanwhile, support for National Legislation against horse slaughter continues to grow. There is a bill before the 111th Congress right now that would make horse slaughter and export for slaughter illegal. Be sure to tell your representatives to vote YES on HR 503. However, if two North Dakota politicians have their way, their will be a new horse slaughter plant built in their state, despite the pending federal legislation. This is due to a meeting held last fall by the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) where the Agricultural & Energy Committee determined that they would offically support horse-slaughter in the USA and will fight against any national anti-horse slaughter efforts. They are also organising on a state-by-state basis to legalize horse-slaughter in their respective states. You can read more about that in the link below;

North Dakota State Rep. Rod Froelich, a Democrat, and State Sen. Joe
Miller, a Republican, are sponsoring ND House Bill #1496,
a bill introduced in the state House that would authorize a $100,000
study by the state's Commerce Department to determine the feasibility
of a privately owned horse slaughterhouse in the state.

It is interesting to note that Rep. Froelich himself is a breeder of Quarter-Horses, with over 75 horses in his stable right now! It is well known that registered Quarter-Horses make up over half of all horses slaughtered, yet, The American Quarter-Horse Association (AQHA) is one of our greatest FOES in that they are lobbying hard against us in Washington DC to keep horse slaughter & their exportation for slaughter legal.

Here is a link to Rep. Froelich's Quarter-Horse Breeding site;  Maybe we should contact him to ask how many horses did he breed last year and how many did he sell to slaughter? You can email him directly at; 
Maybe we should ask him how much the AQHA has contributed to his campaign funds and/or "pet projects" over the years?

According to Mr. Froelich and Mr. Miller,  the study would "examine
building costs, possible markets and any potential conflicts with federal regulations." They say their bill "is aimed at finding a
solution for the rising numbers of unwanted and neglected horses in
their state and the costs associated with them, a problem reflected
across the nation," they say,....but we know better. There may or may not be "unwanted" horses but the bill is most certainly aimed at finding a way for North Dakota to get a share of the "horse-slaugher pie money" that they know is waiting to be made. Politicians (and the world) already KNOW there is a world-wide market for horseflesh, and a lucrative one at that!  Eventhough the U.S. horse slaughter plants have closed, American horses are still being "exported" to Mexico & Canada for slaughter and America still remains the worlds largest supplier of horses for human comsumption.

This petition is to tell Rep. Froelich and Sen. Miller and the whole of the North Dakota Legislature that Americans DO NOT want horse slaughter plants anywheres in our country and will not stand for them no matter where they intend or propose to put them.   

This petition is also to tell all North Dakotan tax-payers that they should oppose ND House Bill #1496 and the states granting of $100,000 for a "feasibility" study for horse slaughter. It is a well known fact that horse-slaughter is a lucrative business. There is statistical proof already in existance so you dont need a "feasibility" study to know that there is BIG money to be made for the slaughterers' in the horse-slaughter industry.  The money the politicians are asking ND taxpayers to spend on this phoney-baloney "horse-slaughter feasability study" could be better spent in so many ways more beneficial to the people of the state of North Dakota, and not just for the benefit of "the privlidged few."   

Please sign the petition and contact Rep. Froelich & Sen. Miller as well as the whole of the North Dakota State Legislature to let them know that North Dakota as well as all of America will not tolerate a horse slaughter plant anywhere within the boundries of the U.S.,....that we will even venture into Indian Territory if they try and convince the Indians to let them build there. Let them know their efforts to bring horse-slaughter back into the U.S. will be futile because WE WILL fight against them relentlessly everywhere until we pass HR 503,..our federal anti-horse slaughter bill. 

So "NO" to ND House Bill 1496 and "YES" to Congressional Bill HR 503!

Senator Joe Miller
Telephone: 701-331-1491

Representative Rod Froelich
Telephone: 701-422-3769

Here is a link to a directory of all ND legislators and their contact info;

Also, it is important to note that as a result of the NCSL organizing,
other states are also through their legislatures, for a horse-slaughter plant in their states.

Of course, we have to meet these proposals head-on, so we have made
a petition for those states. We are hoping you will sign. Here are the links to those;








South Dakota;





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