"Expose Congressmen" Over 248 congressmen Became Millionaire's after being voted into office!

There are over 250 politicians that were not millionaires until they took office! This Is TRUE!!!  We should be Mad! Throw them all out of D.C. They are EXEMPT from the law...and its NOT O.K.

IF You and I did this we would go Straight to JAIL!!
our politicians are exempt from any U.S. LAW...and that's not lawful!

Large corporations buy lawmakers everyday from our elected officials and they need to be brought to justice! Both Politicians & Corporate officers.

Politicians are buying tons of stock in companies that are week,then vote laws in to congress that make it very wealthy while it hurts You and I, ...then they cash in, leaving the officials that you and I elected filthy rich!

The inside deals with Food companies in the Lab with (Monsanto)
Oil companies Exxon Mobil, Drug companies, Financial institutions.
This makes me Sick          OCCUPY New LAW w/ Congress

We voted for our elected officials to act on "We the People’s" behalf, this has Not been Done because they are Exempt from the Law! There are over 248 millionaires in congress.Their status came after they were sworn into office!

IF You and I did this we would go Straight to JAIL!!
our politicians are exempt from any U.S. LAW...and I am not O.K. with that!

#1 Change  and prevent career politicians, this includes lobbyist and corporate funding to politicians.  Our local and state elected officials have failed to carry our message to Capital Hill! Bail outs and behind closed doors pay offs and inside trading cease immediately. Politicians and corporations and lobbyist currently involved in activity that was NOT voted on by the people, but shows to be in the interest of politician’s and corporations be arrested and prosecuted in a court of law.
(We Must Vote for this)
There is No reason for sports athletes to earn 900% more than our police and firemen and school teachers. Athletes and their agents as well as sport franchise owner’s (nfl, nba, mlb) should be in a separate tax bracket between 65% -75% the lowest being for the club owners.

#2 Change and Prevent Food Monopoly, in the U.S. and abroad by our U.S. companies! This means make it unlawful to force farmers and consumers to use the altered food and seeds being made in a lab at Monsanto and then patent said food and then sue for infringements violation.
(WE did not Vote for this)
 ALL food and food genes (dna) in their natural state that have been altered and then sold to the people must be fully disclosed on menu's and labeled on packaging and they are not. That because our FDA was paid by Monsanto to look the other way!
Food seeds and food crops that have been genetically modified and have contaminate farmers crops and seed banks will be subject to penalty’s and fines. Farmers that have had their farms of 3-4 generations taken from them  from Monsanto of MO. Shall be paid back by Monsanto.
(YOU did not vote for this)
Foods that are served in public chain restaurants must disclose the calorie content and if the food has been genetically made. Full disclosure on all processed foods and all produce containing genetically modified organisms,

Any organic food that is threatened or organic food that is used to raise organic live stock is threatened shall be protected by our elected officials and law enforcement. FDA officials that have looked in the opposite direction of we the people are to be held accountable and prosecuted immediately.

#3  Politicians that share any common ground with banks, drug companies and oil companies that work in the opposite direction of “we the people”  shall be considered a crime and shall be prosecuted. Any Bank or Oil company or Drug company seeking the leverage for another law that will impact the people of the United States negatively, and using an influential politician as a vehicle through donations or their Exempt Status as a politician or the hiring of lobbyist to divert the direction of the back door deal shall be found unlawful and fully prosecuted . Politician at all levels that elect to bail out big banks and wall street shall be prosecuted, unless the oil and drug company’s moneys are used for said bail out.

Elected officials shall not use our money to bail out U.S. corporations because they failed to run their company appropriately. Politician's  no longer can use their political exempt status to avoid prosecution!
(YOU did not Vote for this)
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