Pardon Billy The Kid...

Gov. Lee Wallace made a promise to Billy in 1879 to grant the gunslinger amnesty if he testified before a grand jury about another murder case in Lincoln County. Billy the Kid, whose real name was Henry McCarty and used the alias William H. Bonney Jr., was in jail at the time for having killed then-Sheriff William Brady. 
He then backed out of the agreement and this is wrong, this was a time of war between 2 factions for control. As for the killing of Sheriff William Brady, the man was corrupt took sides in an illegal war for greed and money, knew the killers of Mr John Tunstall, Brady was in the pocket of the Dolan-Murphy faction they were corrupt and ruled Lincoln by greed, fear, money and the pistol yet in some places Brady is hailed a fallen hero and Billy a cold blooded killer and that is wrong. 
In today's world we protect child molesters and rapists let them walk free give them new names and yet we can't pardon Billy the Kid, (William H. Bonney). I say its high time we changed this, Billy was a product of his time he was not a bad man or evil in any way.  
We as human beings should be able to let a man rest in peace with some pride. Lets push to get Billy that pardon. Sheriff Brady was a henchman with a badge, Billy was not, he was a free man with heart who should remembered as such. Please grant Billy the pardon he deserves. I thank you all.  

Office of the GovernorAttn: PardonsState Capitol Building, Suite 400Santa Fe, NM 87501 ....

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