Prison Cruelty at it's Worst!!!

Christopher Manhard is an inmate at Utah State Prison in Draper who is being inhumanely treated. On November 12, 2011 he fell down a flight of stairs after having had multiple seizures that day. He shattered his shoulder and tore the muscular structure from his shoulder. The prison is refusing to treat him and has left him in excruciating amounts of pain. Despite going through prison hierarchy there has been no change.

In addition to his shattered shoulder he has a seizure disorder and stomach problems that are not being treated. They placed Christopher on a medication for his seizures that he is allergic to and can not take leaving him with his seizures out of control. That was back in April 2011. The day he fell he had taken the seizure medication to try and stop the seizures despite his allergy due to prison officials ignoring his pleas for help. Which then caused the fall. They then proceeded to lock him in a strip cell for two days without even looking at him to see if he was injured and called their inhumane action a suicide prevention to justify their actions.

Christopher's stomach problems cause for him to not be able to eat like that of an everyday person. He is suppose to be on Ensure and have a low starch/carbohydrate diet, with extra proteins. The prison has refused this therefore leaving him in the sorry state that he is, review the pictures above to see what I mean. A once healthy vibrant man now seems on deaths door step just from malnourishment alone. Now Christopher has only been in the prison since March 14, 2011. He has a release date for September 1, 2013. With the condition he is in I'm afraid he will not make it home alive. I'm afraid that he will die from the inhumane treatment. Christopher was only 210 pounds to start with and is now weighing around the 150 pound mark and severely underweight at this point. Being he should weigh no less than 185 pound for his bone, height, and muscular structure.

Christopher has two sons and a wife, he is also the last remaining immediate family member of his own immediate family alive. Being that his brother had just past away on November 11, 2011. Now when he fell he had no idea of his brothers death on the previous day. He had not been informed at that point and it was a week later before he could be informed due to the prison holding him from contact with the outside world. They would not even let me as his wife know how he was doing or what condition he was in.

Christopher is a good and loving man, excellent father to his two sons and and a loving husband to me his wife. He made a mistake and has suffered immensely for it. I come now to ask for the public's help to get him a parole before it's to late with 1000 signatures or more.

In his case his 8th amendment rights have been ignored and thrown aside.
The 8th amendment clearly states "The Eighth Amendment (Amendment VIII) to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights which prohibits the federal government from imposing excessive bail, excessive fines or cruel and unusual punishments. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that this amendment's Cruel and Unusual Punishment Clause applies to the states." As copied from Wikipedia.

NEW UPDATES: Christopher is now sevearly emaciated to the point that his ribs stick out two inches from his stomach the chains that they chain him with even though tightened down are now so loose on him he has to hold them up or end up having an escape charge as well, If you look at hollicaust victims you have an exact image of him. His shoulder and diet still have not been cared for to this day of 4/22/2012.
I would appreciate all the signatures that can be signed to get him out on a parole and to a hospital, along with letting him receive other help that he needs that he is not getting please.

We the undersigned;
Do come now in petition to release Christopher M. Manhard ION# 134920 from imprisonment at the Utah State Prison on a parole so as he can seek proper medical attention and other help that he has been denied while incarcerated. His crimes are not such that he should have been denied a parole in the first place. For they are not as severe as a murder, rape, or aggravated assault. So is not of a people's crime from our understanding and his wife's understanding. It was a simple Burglary. Why he was denied a parole or probation at sentencing is beyond our comprehension.

Therefore we ask on Christopher's behalf for a parole to be granted please.


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