Stop the Senate from denying extended unemployment

On October 9, 2009, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) brought the proposed bill H.R. 3548 to give federal unemployment benefit extensions to all 50 states because he recognizes the urgent needs of the people.  However, that same day Republican Senator Jon Kyl from Arizona stalled his efforts for speedy passage by asking for more time to consider the bill that would help keep a roof over many Americans heads and keep food on their tables.

The bill was scheduled to return to the senate for additional review and vote on October 13, 2009.  Most people thought that it would pass without further delay because of the overwhelming need. During the September 22, 2009, House vote on the bill Congressman Levin Sander (D-MI-12) stated that 15 million Americans are now unemployed the highest number since 1939.  Well, after hearing that we were all convinced that our great country knew and understood our plight but more importantly that they would not allow us to suffer, not in America.  After all, we are the richest country in the world. 

To our great surprise, once again the Republicans made it their business to show their true colors.  They stopped the accelerated passage of the bill again! This unjust action is proof positive that the GOP is determined to destroy American workers.  Failing businesses take priority over the well-being of the people. Republicans rooted for our President to fail, rooted against the Olympics in America, and even snarled at the fact that President Obama won the Nobel Peace prize. No greater honor has been bestowed on a sitting President of the United States of America since Woodrow Wilson in 1919 and they do not respect or appreciate that fact.

If the proposed extended unemployment bill is not passed within the next week thousands of Americans and soon to be, millions will fall below the poverty level in this country.  Homelessness will reach astronomical proportions and hunger will surly rise.  The result is an extreme burden on an already strained system.  Tent cities will become the norm and emergency services will collapse from the ever growing need of the homeless.   America is better than this.  Are we going to just stand by and watch America fail? This is a call for immediate action.  It is time to speak up and speak out for all Americans.  It is imperative that we stay informed and take action  to ensure passage of this bill.

By signing this petition, you ask the Senate to pass the unemployment extension bill immediately and without further delay, as millions of Americans are falling into the depths of poverty with each passing day.

The people must stand up to the U.S. Senate and demand passage of proposed bill H.R. 3548 to extend unemployment benefits now.

We the undersigned want and expect our voices to be heard.  The current jobless rate in this country has reached astronomical proportions and there are no signs of improvement for unemployed workers across the country.  Nevada along with many other states has an extremely high unemployment rate and a shortage of resources to sustain the unemployed and underemployed population. 

The people are in need of immediate help in order to avoid homelessness, starvation, and illness.  We are pleading with you to do the peoples work today and resolve this issue immediately.  We cannot afford to wait because our very lives are hanging in the balance. We are unable to make rent, mortgage, or utility payments and along with that comes an inability to buy food. 

This extreme lack is a direct result of not having a source of income without unemployment benefits.  Have any of you ever been homeless or close to it?  If you have then you can surely understand our cry and need for help now. Please stand up for us as we demand and need your assistance today not next week or next year but now.  We appreciate you taking the time to read this letter and fully expect that you will respond with swift action.

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