Peace Day For Tibet

On this day of peace, may we appreciate the diversity of people rather than notice their differences.


    Dear president Hu Jintao,



    September 21st, is recognized as peace day, all over the world. Peace day, is a day for people everywhere to forget our differences, and take actions that work to promote peace.

    Peace is an act of respect for all other beings. It is the ability to recognize that people have differences, and that one way, is not better than the other way, only it is different.

In religions, the main principle of spirtuality is to recognize a higher power, and to learn to respect and live peaceably with our neighbors.

    It is an incredible strength to be able to restrain ourselves, from material gains, and subjegate people, or animals, as it is power.

    Strength is a discipline, that is learned and practiced, some are born with an advantage of having more strength than others, while some must try harder, yet all persons are capable of being strong.

    Power, is using ones strength against others, mistakingly making one strong, yet it is not a strength to be powerful, like fame, or wealth, it is not strength, it is the abililty to move and sway others.

    A strong person would not be swayed by power.

    Strength is what we should strive to achieve not power. Strength is what gives us character, using our strength gives wisdom.

    A powerful person can sit at a table and brag that he can eat 10 hotdogs, and drink ten beers. A strong person can sit a table, and refrain from eating more than one, confident that he is right, despite persuasion's to compete to eat more.

    With these words, I ask you to view Tibet.

    Tibet is, and has been a peaceful region, whether it is considered a seperate nation is contoversial.

    The people of Tibet, generally choose to be left in peace, to be respected by others, no matter how different. The people of Tibet have been different from China, in that they recognize the leader of their region of the world, as also their religious leader.

    When China invaded Tibet, and became the political rulers of Tibet, it became difficult for Tibetans to practice their religion, and devoit faith to the Dalai Lama, as the leader of Tibet, was no longer considered to be the Dalai Lama. However for Tibetans, they will always devote faith to the Dalai Lama, as he is their religious leader.

    In order to achieve peace, between Tibet and China, China, should recognize the Dalai Lama, as being a spiritual leader, of Tibet, although he is in exile, and has a seperate govt. from China.

    If we want peace, the two govt.s have to recognize each other, and decide which political offices should be decided by which govt. whether China will be the political leader ,and Tibet will be autonomous on other matters, and within its local govt., or whether Tibet will secede and become free from China completely, and form its own seperate govt.

    Which ever is decided, these should be considered to be political decisions, and at all times Tibet , and its people should receive fair, humane ,equal treatment ,and respect, as all persons should, including the right to devote faith to their spiritual leader , the Dalai Lama.

    It is simply a question, of stepping out of the picture ,and deciding what is fair, politically ,to seperate , the political leader, from the spirtual leader, to allow Tibet to have its own govt, or only some political power, in any case, these are politics, and seperate from the people, all persons should be free from torture, and free to exercise free speech, and free to practice whatever religion they choose.

    So in recognition of peace day, we ask you, China, to respect the people of Tibet, and their land as a harsh but beautiful, region , the top of the world, the peaceful people whom choose to respect their earth, and land, the language and dance, their culture, it is different from us, but it adds to our diversity as people. We should appreciate it and respect it,

     What a boring wasted world of hate, and war, there would be, if everyone tried to be the same, and noone could decide whose way is the best. It is better to recognize us, the people of the world as beautifully diverse, than to notice our differences, as enemy to ourselves.




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