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The giraffe is an unmistakable, truly fascinating animal unlike anything else. There are so many interesting facts about the giraffe. Unfortunately, this animal is often killed by poachers and their habitat is destroyed a lot. Historically, the animals have been slaughtered for meat, and their hides used for "boots, drums, buckets, and shields.... Leg tendons became thread and guitar strings; the bones, buttons; the bladder, a water bag. But the prize was the tail. Bracelets were made of the long hairs at the end, or the entire tuft was used as a flyswatter, a coveted symbol of authority that dates back to ancient Egypt. Today laws for hunting giraffes in Africa vary from country to country. Roughly 95,000 live in Africa, about 1,000 in zoos worldwide, and a handful of others in smaller facilities.Giraffes have even gone extinct in some countries, including Senegal, Mauritania, Mali and Mozambique. Farmers also kill giraffes because they eat their crops. If people aren't careful, there will be no more giraffes in Africa. Giraffes have been eliminated from much of their former ranges in western Africa and the southern Kalahari. Giraffes were nearly eliminated from East Africa at the turn of the century by non-native hunters and rinderpest, a disease believed to be introduced by cattle imported to Africa. Today, giraffes are found in national parks and areas outside of those parks.

We need to protect these animals and their habitats.

Here is an actual Copy of a Trophy Hunting agreement. With a so called "dream list" of the prices of the animals, that  you can kill.
We the undersigned urge you to ban legal hunting of Giraffes.
They are being innocently killed just for poachers pleasure
and because they think Giraffes have "nice meat." Many of giraffes
species are already extinct from legal poaching. They are truly
magnificent animals and are one of a kind. Please ban Giraffe Hunting
and help save what is left of the worlds tallest animal. I truly appreciate
it that you took time to read this.
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