PORTUGAL.. END dog cruelty, and update your laws!

Dogs are considered Man's best friend by many of us worldwide.
In many countries though..dogs are cruelly subjected to pain and torture.
We think of China...but no.. it happens in Portugal too..
The torture of the dogs is endless...
This petition hopes to raise the awareness, and get the Portugese Government to take a stand and increase the fines and penalties for the people found to be so cruel.
Portugal have few shelters and most of those are kill shelters.
Dogs are abused whilst in there.
Most dogs are kept on chains in the community ,AND have very little shade, in all weathers: heat ,rain etc..
The poor dogs health or feelings are not considered.
Apparently there is supposed to be a law ,which stipulates that dogs should not be chained and have some form of basic care...but this never gets enforced.
Strays ,or wild dogs as they call them ,are kicked ,abused and even..worse.

Your voice needs to be heard, and your signature is their survival.
The more humane people that sign the better chance we have to get an end to the cruelty.
LET'S BRING A CHANGE.. lets get ZERO TOLERANCE for animal cruelty in Portugal.
Thankyou for signing.


As a member of the European Union it would seem that Portugal is sadly lagging behind in creating comprehensive, modern and enforced animal welfare legislation. We perhaps expect this from some eastern European countries... but not from Portugal.
Animal welfare law in Portugal is incomplete and is NOT enforced in many places. 
The ideal is that EU member states, have the same law as near as is practicable. 
Yet on fundamental issues such as animal welfare there are disparities between the member states.
The long term members such as France, Germany and the UK have decent animal welfare laws. The earliest members generally fall behind. This is because they were not obliged to create good legislation supported by efficient enforcement before joining the EU.

Portugal is a well established member state of the EU.
The country joined in 1986.
Portugal has animal welfare law.
It is repoduced below. This is as at Nov. 2008. 
Although it covers the usual topics except it fails to deal with these issues:
  • the modern trend is to include a section on how to care for a companion animal. This is ommitted
  • as mentioned -- penalties are not set out
  • the only definition is one that defines companion animals. This legislation is therefore solely about companion animals. The definition could be more precise or complete in my view
  • It fails to refer to and/or create organizations or bodies that are authoritized to manage the Act and ensure that its terms are carried out and enforced under specified methods and systems
  • it fails to deal with the management of the legislation at local authority level or to state if it is enforceable at national level. In the UK the RSPCA enforce animal welfare law in cooperation with the police and local authorities
  • it allows sport hunting and/or there are no controls on hunting. The Iberian Lynx is critically endangered - so surprise I guess
  • it fails to deal with responsible ownership including identification (e.g. microchipping).

If the legislation as set out below is the entire legislation it requires secondary legislation to make it function as it is too short, too open and lacks detail.
This clearly simplifies and clariifies the law.

There would seem to be a substantial amount of apathy and lack of commitment on behalf of the government and indeed the people generally.
However, a survey indicates an overwhelming desire by the Portugese people to instigate fresh animal welfare law.
I can't find information about a Portugese equivalent to the RSPCA..???.


Dear Sir/Madam 

This is in reference to the way Dogs are so very cruelly treated in Portugal.
It is shocking and extremely disheartening to see such brutal, inhumane and horrible treatment given to dogs in Portugal.
Incidents of cruelty and inhumanity to animals can put Portugal in bad light in front of not only the residents, but our many tourists too.
The tourism industry is thriving and plays a vital role in our economy.
Animals have an equal right to live on this earth as we do. 
I request the government to take measures to end this cruelty.
PLEASE...increase penalties and adopt a ZERO TOLERANCE for animal cruelty in Portugal. The laws must deter the acts of cruelty!!
I urge to Government to take strict actions against those found guilty and punish them to set an example for those people who abuse animals.
Punishments should be strict enough so that next time if a person tries to abuse an animal, they might just think twice!

Thankyou ( your signature)

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