Prevent climate change censorship! Show "On Thin Ice" in USA!

The final episode of the BBC series "Frozen Planet" deals with climate change. The Discovery Channel is showing the rest of the series in the US, but they are refusing to show the "On Thin Ice" episode because climate change is "politically sensitive" in America.

Climate change is real, and it is happening whether we "believe" in it or not. Suppressing the truth is censorship. We call on the Discovery Channel to air all the episodes of this series, so that the American public can learn about the fragile Arctic environment and the way our activities are affecting it.
We, the undersigned, call on the Discovery Channel to show all the episodes of the BBC series "Frozen Planet," including the climate change episode.

Climate change is real, and it is affecting us all. The scientific community of the entire world agrees on this issue. The handful of climate change deniers are spokespeople outside of the scientific mainstream, funded by industries with a vested interest in the status quo. In the United States, the voices of the deniers have been amplified by a media culture that looks for "both sides" of a story. Now that the weight of evidence has come down so strongly on the side of climate change, it is irresponsible for large media organizations not to inform the public of climate change and its dangers.

Showing all of the "Frozen Planet" episodes will allow the American public to learn about the fragile Arctic environment and the way our activities impact it. As a leader in educational programming, the Discovery Channel should be proud to present a program that relies on the latest science and tells a vital story.

Thank you for your time, and for considering your role in educating and entertaining the American public.
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