Promote Sustainable Economies-End The FED!

Disposable goods with short life spans are necessary to sustain "economic growth", but this is extremely hazardous to our environment. But why do we need this cancerous "economic growth" at all? Because the Federal Reserve system can create money out of thin air to bankroll Congress's endless wars, pension programs, and reckless spending, leaving average Americans to foot the bill via the "national debt". 

The resulting inflation wreck's people's savings and forces businesses to market disposable products to keep up with this exponential growth. And guess what? The FED is a privately owned cartel of international bankers with no accountability to the American people or Congress! JFK tried to put an end to this madness by reissuing U.S. Notes directly from the Treasury Department.

For an entertaining and informative expose of this issue, watch Paul Grignon's fabulous short story called "Money as Debt", and then please make your voice heard by joining with "End The Fed!", and show up at a rally on November 22nd to regain control of our money supply and make sustainable economies a reality!
We the undersigned declare that it is time to end the cancerous "economic growth" that is killing our planet!

The Benefits:Success for this campaign would help bring an eventual end to inflation, which is a hidden tax the government uses to pay some of its bills, and to transfer wealth from you to others. If we can stop government caused inflation your money will start to buy more and more as the economy grows, instead of less and less, as it does today. Ending inflation would also put an end to bubbles and booms, and the recessions they cause.

Congressman Ron Paul has introduced two bills that could bring the above benefits.

His 15-word "Honest Money Act" (HR 2756) would repeal the 41-word legal tender law, while his 104 word "Free Competition in Currency Act" (HR 4683) would repeal the 69 words of Title 18 Section 489. The legal tender law gives the Federal Reserve a monopoly over the money supply, while Title 18 Section 489 gives the United States government a monopoly over the creation of coins for use as currency.

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