End the Horrors

To end the continued compacency towards animal cruelty in the Northwest Territories Canada by passing immediate and effective enforced legislation within the Northwest Territories and Nunavut that will live up to the highest standards already set by, for example, Ontario Canada, that will protect animals from the ongoing and unrelenting suffering and to effectively prosecute all offenders of animal neglect and cruelty to the fullest extent of  the Federal Criminal Code of Canada.  
Hon. Robert McLeod
Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs
Legislative Assembly Building, 2nd floor
Yellowknife, NT
X1A 2L9

Dear Mr. McLeod:

While  pleased, as are others that the revisions to the current NT Dog Act are now finalized, we, the undersigned, must inform you that your comment as contained in your fourth paragraph has left a lot to be desired.

%u201CMACA has finalized the legislative proposal for Dog Act amendments, and has submitted the legislative proposal.  It is unknown at this time when the amendments will be introduced in the Legislative Assembly; however, it is likely that the first reading of the bill may occur in the fall 2010 session%u201D.

Your use of the words %u201Cunknown%u201D, %u201Clikely%u201D and %u201Cmay occur%u201D imply that there remains a 50/50 chance that this bill will again not be brought
forward, thereby allowing the continued unacceptable and unpunished cruelty and neglect of animals across the Northwest Territories to
continue without consequence.  We, the undersigned are also aware that the NWT has again been awarded the dubious distinction of being
named The "Best Place to Live and Abuse Animals" for the second year in a row, as reported by the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

This issue is of great urgency, and is exampled by the recent raid on the property located in Hay River, NT whereby 109 dogs, 23 of which
were puppies, were seized.  In addition to this recent incident, the unprosecuted case of reknown Dene Artist Archie Beaulieu of Beh Choko
wereby 34 of his dogs had to be humanely euthanized over a year ago and the discovery in 2009 of the six puppies found in the Beh Choko
dump with their tiny throats slashed, note that only one pup survived.

Under the Town, Cities and Municipalities Act, MACA does indeed have the authority to intervene when Municipal By-Laws are not being
stringently and consistently enforced as evidenced by the ban which MACA placed on caribou hunting this year.  

This campaign began in April 2008, and We, the undersigned, do believe sir that far too much time has elapsed without very real positive change to end the continuing indifference, complacency,  cruelty,neglect, suffering, starvation, beatings, killings, freezing to death, dumping and abandonment of dogs and other animals across the Northwest Territories.

Your immediate attention and action to expedite this needed legislation is respectfully requested.  Further delays to bring these finalized Dog Act Amendments "as an interim measure" before the Legislative Committee for approval shall effectively ensure the continued suffering of these animals to go without consequence to offenders.  Your further work towards a comprehensive Animal Protection Act needs to and is expected to continue and we, the undersigned, look forward to seeing this in place, as was suggested by yourself by the end of the 16th Session....Fall 2011.  


Hon. Floyd Roland, Premier, Northwest Territories
Hon. Jackson Lafferty, Min. of Justice
Hon. Jack Layton, NDP Leader
Hon. Denis Bevington, NDP
David Ramsay, MLA, Kam Lake
Robert Bromley, MLA, Weledeh
Paul Delorey, MLA & Speaker of the House, Hay River North
Jane Groenwegen, MLA, Hay River South

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