Protest Ringling Brothers Abuse of Baby Elephants

How can we still be subjecting animals to so much abuse and humiliation at a time where we aspire to higher states of consciousness for all humanity? Please see this article of what Ringling Brothers Circus subjects these helpless baby elephants to for human entertainment and help me fight this cruelty - and STOP THEM. If we so desperately need to see animals jumping through hoops, for the love of God - let the trainers jump for the audiences. Protest with me, fellow conscious beings! LET'S BOYCOTT CIRCUS SHOWS THAT USE ANIMALS FROM NOW ON....
We, the people who have signed against your abuse of the baby elephants (and all the animals you torture in the name of ENTERTAINMENT) deplore your use of animals of all kinds in your business and we cannot stand for your mistreatment of them any longer. We will boycott you and work to educate the masses against frequenting your circus shows. Isn't it time you came up with a new format? Surely you feel enough to realize the cruelty you subject these animals to. In the name of decency, we ask you to STOP TORTURING THESE ANIMALS.
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