Put surveillance cameras in all Slaughterhouses,factory farms & Dairy farms!

  • by: Sarah Constable
  • recipient: To have surveillance cameras installed in all slaughterhouses, dairy farms, factory farms, etc.
All Farms that have animals that are sold for consumption, fur, wool, skin, etc, and slaughterhouses should have surveillance cameras so the workers will always be monitored and the cruelty will be greatly minimised, and atleast it will be caught on camera if there is any and that worker will be fired and hopefully charged!!
The minister for agriculture:
Hi, We the undersigned are writing to you in regards to cruelty in the beef and livestock industry, such as - The wool industry, Dairy farms, Slaughterhouses, and Factory farms.
I see stories on the news, newspapers, animal organisation's websites, etc, about the way a lot of these animals are treated in these places. I know it is a very demanding industry and sometimes it can be hard to meet the needs of every single animal's welfare. But, what can be avoided is the abuse and neglect these animals suffer from every day. For example, Workers get frustrated with the animals if they don't 'co-operate', so they kick, prod, and punch them. And thats not all, I hear of and read disgusting and horrific stories about what some workers do to these animals and the only way the workers would get caught is if they are caught in the act by another worker who is willing to speak up or maybe the owner, or if an undercover investigator takes a hidden camera into one of these places. And, we all know this abuse isn't going to stop unless something is actually done to prevent it from happening.

So, my suggestion to you is, to install surveillance cameras (CCTV) in these places so they are constantly monitored. It will greatly minimize the abuse and neglect and if abuse does occur, It can be dealt with straight away.
I think it will be a major step and improvement in these industries.

Yours sincerely,
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