putting a end to cyber animal abuse on YOUTUBE and MYSPACE

  • by: Lori
  • recipient:  YOUTUBE and MYSPACE
 I am very proactive in the light of having animal abuse flagged and removed from YouTube, I dont WANT to purposely seek out these videos for which they are very heartbreaking, I am writing in hope for help with YouTube, I only search and flag videos to be removed for the fact animal abusers get the notion to use YouTube as a vessel to promote violence towards animals, I have flagged many videos of cat and dog abuse, when I flag the dog abuse videos they are promptly removed but I am having problems with YouTube removing cat abuse.

YouTube has said "animal abuse" is considered a "violation of terms of use" but I dont understand why they wont remove the cat violence , one of which a cat gets stabbed to death or a pit attacks it..( trust me, "I" dont like having to view this stuff) but if videos like this dont get removed.. then other people will make and post stuff like it too, thats the "only reason" I do this ,I know I could turn my back... but how does this help the animals???

I just need others help in flagging these cruel videos and hope the ASPCA can help in the removal of these videos that are violent, YouTube is having def ear on me and its getting frustrating to the point Im not going to do it anymore and these videos will continue to escalate, I just want to help some how to put a nitch in the promoting of animal abuse videos... if other people can please help me with contacting YouTube to remove these videos and the ASPCA help too I would be so grateful... Im thinking about starting a petition for sites like "YOUTUBE" and "MYSPACE" to REMOVE "ANY" ANIMAL ABUSE videos, they are absurd and ridiculas for others to VIEW and get "IDEAS" for animal abuse.
flagging seems to be useless with YOUTUBE, it just might be more productive to get YOUTUBES attention to REMOVE all abuse of animals videos, really need help in pursuing these web sights for their responsibility for allowing this crulety to venture on there.

YOUTUBE, we have e-mailed you continuouly about removing animal abuse on your site, you have not replied in any manner to remove what you have called "VIOLATION TERMS OF USE" and have said you would take action on those individuals which  been in violation on YOUR site... people that are NOT abusive come across these videos because YOU WILL NOT remove them,some of us would like to ENJOY some things that are funny but come across these horrible videos, and mostly its the OTHER countries that you keep up.. shouldnt matter what link they use ... YOU should remove them if they get flagged, if you remove human abuse then its absurd you wont remove animal abuse... we should be able to enjoy your sight, not be scared to see the cruel things that pop up. I hope you find this serious and have some understanding.

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