"Food safety" means, above all, making our seeds, farmers, and gardens safe from corporate

Fake "food safety" bills in Congress are extremely far reaching, disturbingly vague, filled with huge penalties and prison terms, and controlled by "an Administrator" with power to mete out punishments on those who don't "comply," without no judicial oversight, and all specifics to be filled in next year after "the Administrator" consults with agribusiness "experts" on the most recent "scientific" methods.

Are they joking? Who writes such a bill? What legislator would vote for such a bill and inflict it on the American public?
And to add an upsetting additional piece to a blank check bill with penalties that could destroy anyone, Monsanto people were involved in writing the bills; Rosa De Lauro, the wife of Stanley Greenburg,a Monsanto employee,introduced the largest bill; and Michael Taylor, a Monsanto lawyer infamous for running the FDA under Clinton and foisting rBGH off on us and people around the world, wants an office in the White House to run it all.

The bills do not exclude farms, gardens, roadside stands, CSAs, farmers markets, or even our own kitchens, and could criminalize seeds in just they way the FDA has criminalized seed cleaning equipment just this year - by defining seed as food and then setting the "food safety" standards so high no farmer can afford to meet them.

We wish to let Congress know that control of food is human right, as is control of seed, as is choosing whom we buy our food from, and we will not accept "hygiene" being used in this country in some Nazi fashion to eliminate our choices of raw milk or home grown tomatoes or roadside corn or an open box of CSA produce or un-refrigerated eggs from a farmer we know ... or a single one of our valuable farmers.

We want local farmers and the pleasure of buying from them and the good relationships with them. If we want raw milk, it's our right to choose it, not the government to "protect" us from it - the self-same government that does NOT protect us from contaminated imports or even label their country of origin, or protect us from contamination in CAFOs, feedlots, slaughterhouses, or even label GMOs we fear, so we can decide for ourselves.

We want to be left alone to grow what we wish, buy from whom we wish, sell to whom we wish, share what we wish, and always, always, save heritage seeds in any way we wish.

We vehemently oppose the "food safety" bills in Congress - HR 875, SR 425, HR 814, HR 759 and any others being introduced now. They are the industrial destruction of our food system and the take over of our seeds and the elimination of our farmers. We expect you to vote against them and speak out against them and stand up for the free and natural America we all remember and intend to give to our children.
You can use this link to reach your own Congress people and your local newspapers.

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