Re-hydrating of Australian Inland Seas via Siphoned Ocean Water.

 Because by simply SIPHONING Ocean Water into the 16 meter below sea level salt hole that is Lake Eyre in Central Australia, the VAST Expanse of Beach Level Sand AROUND it will become wetter from capillary action from the refilled lake, will increase existing vegetation that thrives on even a drop of water yet survives in saltier than ocean conditions already, and the increased evaporation from sand and transpiration from vegetation will cause not only more rain to actually form over the area, but will also, like a "coolgardie safe", cool the area via evaporative cooling, thus breaking the heat pressure "chimney" that currently prevents ocean and coastally seeded rain clouds from travelling inland to drop their condensation, ie, near instant boost to existing flora&fauna,plus potential for Boomtowns based on aquaculture,agriculture, bamboo,hemp,mangrove swamp in very short space of time etc. Existing dry river systems leading into the lake from surrounds will become irrigation tributeries leading out from the constantly refilling lake, also, ocean water leaching out from lake and rivers becomes fresher as it filters through the surrounding sand, in the same way that fresh water can be found by digging shallow holes on the inland side of coastal dunes, a "win-win-WIN" situation, also, by simply building paddock sized "solarharts" and giant carbon fiber solar "BBQz" (and hydro electric directly from the fall of water from siphon mouth) in desert around lake, steam can be produced to power generators made from modern lightweight materials to produce electricity, "eifel tower" carbon fibre wind turbine structures can also add to power-grid, and also hold line-of-sight laser communication infrastructure for SUPER super fast broadband etc.try find a flaw, i've tried for decades to find a flaw, have fun. ps, here are a few maps and aerial zooms to show more clearly the areas in question and their heights relative to ocean level.

hi, billy reid here, i'm currently trying to raise interest in some techniques i've formulated for long-term solutions for such global problems as you are facing, along with those at my own petition on avaaz (feel most free to utilize/adapt locally any there that may be of use in your particular landscape/climate, the more active & well nourished Minds working at once on this Planet, the better the long-term survival chances of our Species is :) , you may be able to utilize this particular fix, ie, in any desert, salt lake or dried lake areas, drilling holes in grid to below sea-level depths, then running pipelines into them so that inland end is in hole to below sea level, then run other end to either ocean or any large body of permanent water and fill pipelines with water to prime the siphon action, then just wait for the ocean water to sweat up via capillary action and evaporation to become fresher water from filtering through sand on way up, and to boost vegetation growth, increasing transpiration, and, via evaporative cooling and surface evaporation, allow the formation of more locally formed rain-clouds and the ocean formed rain to reach further inland, also allowing for the formation of natural low level hollows to fill with fresh water on surface as lakes/ponds/marshlands, initial expense far out-weighed by long-term (and even quite immediate) benefits, hoping this is of some use, if you raise your hoped for grants, it would only take a small percentage of that sum to implement such a plan (if you can avoid damned bureaucrats and "grass-roots" the project, ps, in some areas it may even be possible to simply dig channels from ocean to below sea-level inland areas, if that method is used though, be careful to line such channels with stones etc, at least until trees and vegetation have chance to establish root growth along banks to stabilize earth, otherwise you may find you get erosion problems (although trees etc. will eventually stabilize such in their own time, especially if assisted by Humans planting and protecting them until they are grown :) here is the address for my own petition, with more ideas (feel most welcome to Share them, this Planet has been looted by colonial thieves for way too long in my opinion, Sharing is the ONLY way forward for Humans. :)

a large amount of the Planet's deserts are below sea-level, many were once (and not very long ago) inland seas connected to the oceans, because of earthquakes etcetera, the connecting tunnels collapsed, thus allowing the evaporation of the inland seas because of them no longer being replenished from the oceans, as these now desert areas are below sea-level, they can be refilled with SIPHONS and used a) for aquaculture and b) to wet their surrounds from re-instigated inland seas thus providing, via leeching outwards, fresh water for agriculture etcetera, increased evaporation from new inland seas will also, along with transpiration from new vegetation, provide more rain in these now desert areas, tell your local government that you want deserts re-hydrated to feed as many People globally as possible ASAP, because More Brain Power = Better Chance of Species Survival, and maybe mention to them also, that "eifel towers" of carbon fibre would be not only great for wind farms, but also to house line-of-sight laser broadband communication, and that, in Australia for example, there is more than enough heat from the sun that simply building football-field sized solar hot water systems in deserts (on stilts for shade also) will provide more than enough steam to power electricity generators, added water from simply rolling recycled plastic sheeting out to collect mega-litreage lost to evaporation can provide drinking and garden water, and of course, lest we forget, Australia loses/allows to escape, more water, just in the monsoon months each year, just in the tropics, than any equivalent area of land, anywhere on the Planet gets in an entire year, then whines about flood damage to buildings in flash-flood prone gullys, water that could easily be carbon fibre dammed or "leggo block" canalled into deserts also, and, re for example Brisbane, i seem to recall as far back as ancient Egypt People had worked out that you FARM flooding deltas, and build AWAY from them, do the math, ie, tell the bludgers to grab a shovel each, get enough pipeline siphons happening, could have our 10 hectares each in half a decade, and screw the bosses, and even allowing for sabotage, at least your Children won't be stuck in their damned rabbit hutches. ps, i do have fine tuning of this basic out-line.for those with concerns such re-hydration of deserts may have on existing eco-structure there-in, as most existing flora&fauna in Australian deserts have evolved to survive WITHOUT water in the mere 36,000years or so since the inland salt-seas were there, &seeing as how they THRIVE at even a splash of water on those rare occasions that they get any,or that they survive the also occasional floodings such as for example "lake eyre",even tho it fills fast the wildlife still survives and flourishes, in short, no problemo, the siphoning in of water from ocean to refill inland sea areas will simply rise slowly enough to allow species to move back around it whilst reaping the survival benefits of extra water and thus allowing them to breed/seed safely & actually faster than currently, like "potting out" a bonsai tree into open field, allowing for re-establishment of pre-desert abundancy for the plants&animals whose ancestors survived the even faster LOSS of water & lush terrain.Thanks for interest, ps, don't forget, when the inland seas WERE there?that's where Indigenous Australians hunted Giant Kangaroos & Diprotodons etcetera, it's well within Human Habitation of Australia that the seas dried up in 1st place, is simply using current technology to REPAIR the deserts etc., ie, Good for ALL Life....pps, for those of you having difficulty grasping how adding Oceaan water to inland below sea level areas can be beneficial??? think "capillary action" for a start, sand around, for example, lake eyre and it's surrounds will act as a wick when water is filling the hollows there, drawing, as mentioned, fresher and fresher water through the gaps between the grains, AND uphill (not exactly a huge concern in flatland Oz anyway) to then allow existing plants&animals to cover more terrain with offspring whilst ALSO through evaporation & increased transpiration, both create more rainfall, & by evaporative cooling, allow more coastal rain to fall further inland, thus even MORE speeding up the revegetation/rehydration process, windmills and pipelines from increasing bodies of sea such as at lake eyre starting point can then be used to relay water to more inland low-level areas to start lakes/swampland, it ALL means MORE RAINFALL and MORE Available Water&Waterways, therefore MUCH more Arable and INHABITABLE land for anyone with the nouse to INSIST upon the instigation of such schemes wherever possible, not living in dogboxes on postage stamps just to keep pom slumlords milking Oz.....  ppps, check this map to see more obviously WTF i'm talking about here. or this google map view, lake eyre for example, & it'z surrounds drop to 16metres below sea level, a huge fish farm waiting to be filled with ocean by simply running a pipeline from the ocean to it then starting the siphon with carbon fiber windmills, ie, Australia? you are about 1/20th of ONE % of the World'z Population, Use it or LOSE it.....go down in the books az idiot stooges of pom thieves, that couldn't be bothered lending a hand & so lost their country to the starving masses, or az the smart crew that got to it & started feeding the 3rd world, your choice, i really am beyond giving the slightest fk about y'all personally...

...UPDATE... 10-11-2014... an interesting discovery the other year, i mentioned that i'd prefer the siphon as it prevents erosion problems developing, but apparently, in the 1800's, the south australian government actually costed for putting an opencut canal from the spencer gulf to lake eyre, decided it was prohibitively expensive (then, ie, these days, with depreciated farming & mining machinery laying idle, & a military potentially instead of playing war games, it could be dug in weeks), so they then decided they'd go with (though never did) a canal from the spencer gulf, to the 1st of the 12meter below sea level salt lakes leading into lake eyre, a mere 50km long, 1km wide, also, (my ideas) the salt if dug out of the lakes would not only make a nutritious watering solution (every trace element on Earth in it, as the salt lakes were inland seas fed by the ocean, look at eg Japan after non-radioactive tsunamis, thriving agriculture, high nutrition), it can also be contained to store heat to keep steam generators, habitat heating etc happening at night, & in electrolytic passive solar towers, & to finance the project (as if it won't pay back endlessly anyway), UNDER that salt, a million years of gold settling to the seabeds from the ocean influx...,d.dGY

yo, too many starving whilst greedtard fat arse-wipes gorge on pre-brunch snacks ov fresh starved deep fried 3rd world BABIES and deliberately stand in the way of Sharing in order to maintain there lowbrow thugmonkey status quo, Deserts around the Planet that are below sea level (lots) can be filled via siphons, cheaper than a bucket of lard and french fries, more healthy brains operational on Planet means better survival chance for Species, so let's stop pretending that inbred troglodytes that only have money (or anything for that matter) because they still, as in days of yore, "club" people and steal what they can't Create themselves, let's just for a moment contemplate what happens to Entire Species if (eg) a big rock falls out of the sky and only such pissants in their gene-pool deficient bunkers survive, when more and better functioning minds could have us asteroid hopping in years, try thinking "survival of the Fittest" for a moment, and not "survival of the fat-arsed". most sincerely, (((WLVRN)))

Update #17 years ago
in the 1800's, south australia govt costed for a canal from spencer gulf to lake eyre, then decided all they needed was a 50km trench, 1km wide, from spencer gulf to lake frome, 12 meters below sealevel & feeding into lake eyre, these days it could be dug in a few weeks. plus, if dig salt out 1st, deeper lake AND gold settled beneath from million years of ocean influx.
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