Recall Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons

  • by: Donna West
  • target: Dina Titus, Senator, Nevada State Legislature

Governor Jim Gibbons is unethical and a liar.  He is not fit to serve as Governor of Nevada. The recall effort should begin immediately.  Nevada can not withstand another 2 years of his embarassing public behavior or his bumbling mismanagement of our resources..

Before being elected he accosted a woman, was involved in shady financial deals and had an illegal immigrant working in his home. 

Then he hired and appointed all of his buddies to state posts and positions. And, we must not forget his mysterious midnight swearing in.  What a joke!  He just wanted to railroad another one of his friends into a seat on a state board.

He has destroyed our healthy state budget.  He hasn't helped Nevada family's facing the worst foreclosure crisis in the state.  He doesn't understand why we are so upset about the healthcare scare.  We are over a billion dollars in the hole and all is can say is 'no new taxes'?  He calls this leadership?

His public behavior is worse. His entourage of Playboy model female friends.  Texting with his gal pal on a state phone during business hours.  Hanging in Vegas hot spots like he is 20-something.  The Governor's Office is no place to have someone who is having his middle meltdown at age 63. 

And now he has screwed Elko County of $4,985 when he and his buddy pressured the county assessor to claim that his acreage is for grazing.  Our small counties can ill afford to loss revenue like this.  And we all know the land was purchased from one of the Gov's buddies to build his retirement place. 

In point, he doesn't get it.  It is time for him to go.  It is time for Nevada voters to retire this guy.  Nevada cannot afford 2 more years of his mismanagement.

On July 1, 2007, the recall process for Governor Jim Gibbons can legally begin.  Nevada law requires that an office holder be in office at least 6 months before recall efforts can begin.

We need to send a message to those who can organize this recall effort that they have support and that they can succeed.

Governor Jim Gibbons should have never been elected.  Had the voters known the truth about him, he may never have been.  But now we have a crook and a lying in the Governor's Mansion.  It is time to send him an eviction notice.

While serving in the US Congress, Mr. Gibbons was investigated for ethics violations.  Those, apparently, were the tip of the iceberg.  He is now the target of an FBI investigation for taking free travel and gifts from a man whose company was seeking very lucrative government contracts.  Gibbons traveled and dined and the company got the contract.

His wife got a cushy 'job' with another company seeking government contracts.  The list of political paybacks to the Gibbons' is growing.

And as if that is not reason enough there's a long list of other ethical issues:

* the Gibbons' hired an illegal immigrant as a nanny and paid her cash under the table.  Then they fired her when she told the truth about her employment with them.

* Gibbons was involved in a situation with a single mom who works as a cocktail waitress.  She says he made a move on her.  He says no such thing, he was just walking a drunk lady to her call.  Whatever it was, it was creepy for a married man to even think about letting an intoxicated person drive.

*Gibbons has a medical condition that causes him to shake.  Just after being sworn it, the condition was noticed by the media.  He never disclosed this condition during the campaign.

The man is a liar and a crook.  He is not fit to serve the citizens of Nevada.  It is time for him to go and to quickly. 
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