Recall the United States Congress Now

The US congress has become so corupt that the duties of congress Running this country has been set aside for the taking of bribes by lobbyist and the use of insider trading to the point that this country can not servive
Wewe the undersigned desire a change in the practice of our standing United states Congress for reason of coruption, inaficientcy ,deraliction of duty, and criminal behavior including treason to the constitution . There comes a time when we as a people will stand up for our future our childrens future and the future of our country!; To defend it as so many of us who have given our blood and families lives for the FREEDOM our for fathers the founders of this free country did to through off the yoke of tyranny. The desire is to recall the US congress and hold an emergency election because of a no confidence in this congres to uphold their oath of office and to carry ou their duties of office in any way that is for the good of this country! It has become painfully clear that the presure brought about by special interest groups and their bribes have derailed the buisnes of this congress wich is to up hold the constitution and serve the greater good of our nation . We have no confidence in this congress to serve us as a hole and that they are distroying the verry fabric of this nation and handing all of our National wealth over to a few with out regaurd to the nation as a whole! If left in place We feel that there is a real and eminent threat of the collapse of our sovranty as a nation under GOD!!!
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